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10 binge-worthy Netflix series to get you through Isolation

Although this lockdown means we can’t go outside there are plenty of things to do inside, such as dedicating all your time to binge-watching some brilliant shows on Netflix.

There are hundreds of different shows on Netflix but the best ones to binge have at least 4 seasons. This way you have plenty of episodes to watch and many moments to fall in love with the show.


This show is a timeless classic and perfect for anyone that fancies a laugh. All ten amazing seasons are on Netflix just waiting for you to click on them and join the gang at The Central Park. If you have never seen the show before you’re in for a treat, and if you have already seen the show then watch it again. Monika is the neat freak, Chandler is the brains, Rachel has the sass, Ross has the voice of reason, Joey doesn’t share food, and Phoebe just doesn’t care. As 236 episodes can be a lot to binge-watch remembers there’s no shame in going ‘on a break’.

Prison Break

This lockdown probably makes you feel like you are in a prison, but after watching this show you will be grateful to be in your home and not a dangerous prison-like Fox River, Sona, or Ogygia. At home, we can walk down the hallway without the fear of being grabbed from a doorway, although the government issued exercise allowance is rather similar to time out in the yard. All 5 seasons of this show are on Netflix, including the final season which aired in 2017, 8 years after the show ended in 2009.

Friday Night Dinner

Since this lockdown has every day feeling the same, and all sense of time passing has gone, you might as well make every day a Friday. The hit Channel 4 show has recently blessed our screens with the release of season 6, but seasons 1-4 are on Netflix ready to recap everything that has happened so far. Well almost everything, as it is not yet known when season 5 will be added. Who can resist one of the hilarious episodes, complete with multiple pranks, Jim and Wilson sniffing around for a lovely bit of squirrel, and Jackie’s famous crumble.

Pretty Little Liars

Who can forget A? This show follows four girls who are all tormented by an anonymous figure after the disappearance and presumed death of their friend Alison. Throughout all 7 seasons Hannah, Aria, Spencer and Emily uncover the truth about what really happened to their friend, and what diabolical plans A has in store for them. Madness, murder and mystery surround the town of Rosewood, and nothing and nobody really is what they seem.

Gilmore Girls

This show is all about family, friends and coffee, which are all important during this lockdown. The show promotes the value of community as we witness dozens of town meetings and events. It really is the perfect small American town where everyone knows everything about everyone. All 7 seasons are on Netflix, and once you have cried, laughed, and screamed your way through those episodes, a new series ‘Gilmore Girls – A year in the life’ was released in 2016, with 4 new 90-minute episodes and picks up in Stars Hollow where the show left off when it finished in 2006.

Brooklyn 99

New York City may currently be a hotspot for the pandemic, but let’s remember what it’s known for. Dreamers, Skyscrapers, and most importantly… The NYPD. So many shows have been made about the New York cops, like Castle and The Wire, but nothing quite compares to Brooklyn 99. Amy has the brains, Terry has the yogurt, and Jake has all the best catchphrases. The first 6 seasons are all on Netflix, which means there are 130 episodes of pure comedy gold to distract you during this lockdown.


All 4 seasons are on Netflix, complete with everything you could expect from a small town. From serial killers to cults, speakeasies to secret bunkers, and gang rivalry to musicals, this show takes its viewers on an emotional rollercoaster through the corruption of Riverdale. There are now also two spin-off shows also on Netflix for anyone who has already seen Riverdale, including The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in Greendale across Sweet Water River, and Katy Keene in New York.

Shameless (American Version)

No matter how annoyed you get at your family this lockdown, just remember how lucky you are not to have to deal with the Gallagher family. Sex, crime and drugs sum up this family’s day to day, and the first 8 seasons are all on Netflix. Seasons 9 and 10 unfortunately are not, but we expect them to be as soon as Season 11 finishes filming. Unreliable Frank leaves his eldest daughter Fiona to run the household, who is responsible for paying the bills and keeping her younger siblings in line.


Who needs to go abroad this summer when you can watch all 10 seasons of Benidorm on Netflix. Throw a towel over your chair, get yourself an ice-cream, and watch as season after season new guests and old favourites return to the Solana Resort. Mateo will flirt with anything that moves, meanwhile Madge yells at anything that moves. This show perfectly captures all the moments of a typical British all-inclusive holiday abroad, such as family fights, holiday romances, and an unfortunate item floating in the pool.

The Big Bang Theory

This show has recently finished after 12 brilliant seasons, all of which are now on Netflix. The show follows a group of scientists and their neighbour Penny, and is like the modern-day version of Friends, as the group always seems to be together. Throughout the seasons you’ll see them find partners and get married, move homes and have children, but the main storyline is their quest for a Nobel prize. Squirm when Howard calls his wife ‘Mom’, and cry when Raj can finally speak to women.

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