10 feelings you have in third year at Napier

Being in third year is one of the hardest things, you’re stuck at the half way point and for most that is super scary, but at least you’re not alone in feeling this way!

Check out these ten feelings you have in third year at Napier…

1. Exhaustion


This is either because you’re older than when you first started at Edinburgh Napier Uni or it’s because you still haven’t gotten used to the long commutes and walking up all the hills to get to a Napier campus – we’ll leave you to decide.

2. Overworked


At this point you’ll probably have a job and try to juggle uni work at the same time. Crying on the floor of the JKCC is not what you pictured when you decided to go to uni three years ago, but it’s reality for third years at at least one point in the year.

3. Fear

This is the year that uni grades start counting towards your final degree mark so you’ll either take a laidback approach or be consumed by fear for the impending end of your uni career. Either way, this is when you start to think about the future and where you’re Napier degree will take you. You’ll even question if you’ll stay in this amazing city!

4. Desperation

Screenshot 2019-10-02 at 15.20.30.png
You’ll say at least once that you’re so done with this and you’re not coming back for fourth year, because being a student is hard, but this is just the stress talking. You’re either battling Moodle or trying your hardest to figure out why there is never enough seats in the JKCC but always plenty at the library when you need to study. Spoiler alert, you’ll stay until fourth year.

5. Realisation


Tears might be an unexpected side effect of this feeling. At this point in your uni career you’ll also realise that it’s almost all over and there will be no more JKCC study dates, no more sliding down the Merchiston hill during the winter when it’s icy and no more odd campus layouts. Depending on how much number four affected you, then these might be tears of joy or tears of desperation.

6. Like your head is full

Dissertation time is around the corner so on top of your term two stresses, you’ll need to think of questions – and with this emotion there is also two options, you’ll see some people with colour coded notes and mind maps sitting in the on-campus Starbucks ready to take on fourth year, or you’ll see people realising at the last minute that they forgot and frantically searching on a library computer for journal articles. Either way, this one isn’t easy to process.

7. Like you need a drink

There will be an overwhelming need for a night out but you’ll have been frequenting The Three Sisters for three years, so you’ll probably go to other bars that are smaller because your union bar is just a little bit too high maintenance for you – the quieter the better when you get to tender third year ages.

8. Like you need to reboot

This one is not that uncommon with all uni students but just be prepared to see countless holiday snaps on social media from hastily booked last minute holidays to forget your responsibilities. You’ll do it or think about it whilst staring at the mountain of work that you’ve been given or whilst trying to figure out how the library book shelf system works (hint, there’s more books upstairs and there isn’t just a gaping hole in their numbering system.)

9. Relax

This one really only comes when summer kicks in but it’s pretty much what everyone is working towards. After you’ve spent a summer hibernating and watching Fringe shows for what feels like an eternality, only then are you ready for fourth year. Recharge while you can guys!

10. Happiness

Believe it or not, you’ll look back on your Napier career with great fondness in future years – it helped you get a job (hopefully your dream one) and got you on track to an independent life. But you’ll also have some awesome memories of things you got up to over the years – drinking mulled wine at the Edinburgh Christmas Market, relaxing at the Meadow on the two days of nice weather that Scotland gets or maybe it’s just chilling at Montpeliers after class with your best friends, it’s all because you chose Napier.

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