Harry and Meghan interview

10 of the most outrageous memes about the Meghan and Harry interview

Meghan and Harry’s controversial interview with Opera revealed a lot about their lives and the royal family that we didn’t know. But it wasn’t long before the internet picked up on the interview and created hilarious memes. Here are 10 of the most outrageous interview memes!

1. Defrosting Prince Phillip

Defrost Prince Phillip
Credit: Junkee

Rumours over Prince Phillip have finally been confirmed! His significant age has been linked to what we can only presume is an overnight freezing chamber to maintain his good looks and health.

2. Family worries about appearance

royal family worried about appearance
Credit: Bored Panda

The phrase that comes to mind here is that people should not throw stones in glass houses.

3. Queen breaks her silence…

queen oprah interview
Credit: Mamamia

We all love a good tell-all interview and the Queens hopping on the trend! Don’t forget to subscribe to her Youtube channel to hear her thoughts on the matter.

4. At least The Crown producers will be happy

Credit: Royal Mail

The Crown has been one of Netflix’s most popular shows. Still, many people question how historically accurate the show is and whether things have been emphasised for dramatic impact. Well, they won’t need to change anything about Harry and Meghan’s interview; it may even give them a few extra ideas.

5. Let’s hope things don’t spin out of control

Simpsons meme
Credit: Know your meme

Although this meme has been applied to many situations, the reference is a little bit darker here with the history of the royal family and cars.

6. Aha, I knew it!

Credit: eBaum’s World

It’s not hard to believe that the royal family keep secret creatures in the palace. Plus, goblins supposedly steal gold, so maybe that’s where all their money comes from. That seems more believable than ‘taxes’. But what we all really want to know is, where are the unicorns?

7. Could it have been more outrageous?

Credit: Know your meme

The interview has been dubbed as the ‘worst royal crisis in 85 years’ after everyone seems to have forgotten about the Prince Andrew scandal. But was there even more to the interview that we didn’t get to see?

8. Nah, Nope, Not gonna happen…

Oprah interview
Credit: BTRtoday

People give advice to help, but sometimes we don’t want to be told where we went wrong and would rather move on. Or if you’re like me, then you just can’t handle the criticism.

9. I do feel bad for the PR team

Royal family PR team
Credit: TeluguStop

The royal family’s public relations team must be working on some magical goblin voodoo at the moment, trying to find a way to repair reputations and appearances that were torn apart in the interview. Maybe they should freeze everyone with Prince Phillip’s device until they figure it out.

10. We saved the best for last!

Credit: Imgur

After the interview, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Queen put her hunting skills to good use and went to sort things out herself. She should place her grandson on the naughty step and call Meghan’s mum.

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