10 of the most stupid things that Boris Johnson has done in his career

Following Boris Johnson’s resignation as Prime Minister, we’re taking a look at the most stupid things that Boris Johnson has done so far. From racist blunders to illegal parties, It’s fair to say that his career hasn’t been smooth sailing. So, let’s go and take a trip down memory lane…

10. Peppa Pig world!

In position ten of the most stupid things that Boris Johnson has done, we have to talk about this shocking speech. Back in 2021, Boris Johnson’s address to the Confederation of British Industry led to him being accused of a ‘serious lack of professionalism.’ During the speech, he rambled on, lost his place and spent 20 second repeating ‘forgive me’. He then went off on a tangent about a recent trip to Peppa Pig World, a children’s amusement park in Hampshire that is dedicated to a cartoon character.

He said: ‘Yesterday I went, as we all must, to Peppa Pig World. Hands up if you’ve been to Peppa Pig World!’ We say, hands up if you can’t believe this man is running the country?

Boris Johnson Peppa Pig World
Source: YouTube

9. When it took years to confirm how many children he had

We agree that maintaining a work life balance is important but this was something else… In fact, there was years of confusion around how many children BoJo had as he refused to give a straight answer to the press. During the 2019 election campaign said he would not talk about his private life and his children. Therefore, it wasn’t until his wife, Carrie, was pregnant with their second child back in 2021, that he actually admitted it would be his seventh child… Read on to find out more about Boris Johnson’s complicated family life here. 

8. When he insulted Papua New Guinea with a cannibalism gaffe

After previously insulting the city of Liverpool, Boris Johnson had obviously decided that was not enough. Instead, he went on to insult the entire country of Papua New Guinea. Yes, in a newspaper column BoJo famously linked the country to ‘cannibalism and chief killing’, angering the country’s High Commissioner in London. This led to Johnson having to issue an apology for causing offence- Nice one!

7. When he boasted about shaking hands despite Covid threat

Hands up, who remembers social distancing? Well it seems that certain Covid measures passed Boris Johnson by during the height of the pandemic. In fact, back in 2020, Johnson continued to shake hands at public events despite his own scientific advisors warning him that is would spread the Coronavirus. In an interview with ITV he said:’I’ve been going around hospitals as you can imagine and always shake hands.’

Boris Johnson boasts about shaking hands despite Covid threat
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6. When he endangered a British mum jailed in Iran

Following on in position number six of the most stupid things Boris Johnson has done, we have to talk about the time that he endangered the life of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. The British- Iranian woman had been serving a five year sentence in Iran and had always maintained that she had been there on holiday. However Boris Johnson said that she had been ‘teaching people journalism’ in the country.

This mistake could have led to her facing years more in jail. In fact, the Iranian judiciary’s High Council for Human Rights issuing a statement saying : ‘For months it was claimed that Nazanin is a British-Iranian charity worker who went to see her family when she was arrested. Mr Johnson’s statement has shed new light on the realities about Nazanin.’

5.When he called black people ‘piccaninnies’

Again, we have another example of Boris Johnson, insulting people on mass. Of course, we are referring to a column that he wrote back in 2002 in which he gave an infamous description of black people bearing ‘watermelon smiles.’ He also went on to use the racist term, ‘Piccaninnies.’

4. When he wrote a racist column describing Muslim women as ‘letterboxes’

Following on and this time Boris Johnson was accused of Islamaphobia following a telegraph article. Whilst he maintained that he was against the ban on face-covering veils in public places, he said that he thought it was ridiculous that Muslim Women chose to wear burkas and that they ‘look like letter boxes.’

Boris Johnson racist column describing Muslim women as 'letterboxes'

3. When he blew millions on the Garden Bridge before it was unceremoniously scrapped

We’re now in to the top three most stupid things that Boris Johnson has done so far and we have to talk about the Garden Bridge. In case you missed this, the £200 million garden bridge was the brainchild of Boris Johnson and Joanna Lumley and was planned for the River Thames in London. However, the project was scrapped by Sadiq Khan, amid concerns that it was a huge waste of taxpayers money. It’s a shame that a whopping £37 million had already been spent on the project by BoJo by that point.

2. When he ‘lied to Parliament’ over Downing Street parties

Of course, despite all of his previous blunders, the true beginning of the end of Boris Johnson, was the infamous Downing Street Parties. Despite his objections, there were numerous reports that the then, Prime Minister, knew about a Downing Street drinks party held during the Covid lockdown.  In fact, Johnson’s principal private secretary Martin Reynolds actually emailed officials with an invite to the event on 20 May, suggesting attendees “BYOB” (bring your own bottle, or booze). Read on for the very best Boris Johnson lockdown party memes here. 

1. When it took two days of humiliating resignations to get Boris Johnson to quit

Despite having just clung on to his position as Prime Minister following a No-Confidence Vote in June, as of the 7th of July 2022, Boris Johnson has submitted his resignation. However, he’s not going gracefully. In fact, he initially pushed to hang on to his position until Autumn, despite a backlash of Tory MP’s saying that he must go immediately. What’s more, his resignation only came about following two whole days of humiliating departures from within his own party. In fact, over 50 members of his own party resigned in the end, completely destroying any political authority that he had- Nice one Boris!

So that’s a wrap for our list of the most stupid things that Boris Johnson has done in his career. Are there any more that you think should be on this list? (you know there’s plenty.) Well, share your favourite blunders in the comments.

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