weirdest universities societies in the UK

10 of the weirdest university societies in the UK

Societies are an integral part of university; they offer you friends for life, alongside an alcohol-addiction and an obsession over dressing up as ‘sexy’ secondary school girls every week.

There is always something for everybody, whether you want to immerse yourself in the ways of medieval life, or perhaps you just want an excuse to party every Wednesday night alongside more popular choices such as cocktail or cheerleading society (cough, cough Trent, we know about your Ocean Wednesdays).

Not just about partying, universities have an array of societies to cater to the diverse population of students, alongside their diverse population of niche interests. Name practically anything and it is highly likely that one university around the UK has a society dedicating their appreciation to it.

From Birmingham’s ‘Brum Dine With Me’ society, to the Assassin’s Society of Durham, you could be cooking, and assassinating in no time. Here are just ten of the UK’s weirdest societies (trust me, there are so many more than just ten).

1. The Quidditch Club – Oxford University

The Quidditch Club – Oxford University
Source: Oxford Student

One of the UK’s oldest quidditch clubs (we have quidditch clubs?), Oxford University are breaking new boundaries in the world of university, by collaborating with neighbours, Oxford Brookes.

Founded in 2011, the society is professionally running as a sports club also. Home to their first team, the Radcliffe Chimeras, and their second team, the Oxford Quidlings, the club regularly competes in local, high-quality quidditch tournaments. Oxford’s quidditch society get bonus points for getting stuck in with the local community and running ‘kidditch’ (yes, you got it, quidditch for kids).

Their motto is ‘remember to Fly Sexy!’, and I am sorry Daniel Radcliffe, but they really do. These guys know what they are doing, better than most muggles out there.

…Where do we sign up?

2. Hummus Society – London School of Economics

university Hummus Society
Source: Student Hut

Calling all vegans, veggies, and food-fanatics – this one is for you. London School of Economics have their very own Hummus Society… and you guessed it, this society prides themselves on their infatuation, and fascination of blended chickpeas.

Who can blame them, right? Meeting weekly over a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and discussing the intricate flavour differences between caramelised onion hummus and roasted-red pepper hummus seems important, and highly beneficial to the university lifestyle.

3. Brum Dine With Me – University of Birmingham

Brum Dine With Me university society
Source: Brum Dine With Me Facebook

Presenting the pinnacle of student savviness, ‘Brum Dine with Me’ was a prevalent society at the University of Birmingham during the early 2010’s. As a member, you will be placed in groups of five to six amongst your fellow members, and each of you will cook and score each other’s food over a six-week period.

Unfortunately, it looks like this society is no longer active. Maybe you could be the one to revive it, and bring dinner party mayhem to your lucky university?

4. Karaoke Society – University of Leicester

Karaoke university Society
Source: Matcha

Let your inner Adele out at Leicester’s Karaoke Society, where each member is severely encouraged to participate in mic drops and sing as out of tune as they please.

Established in 2020, this society offers members karaoke nights in bars, clubs, and each other’s houses, whilst benefitting from a no-judgement environment amongst the group. If you are looking for somewhere to let your hair loose and make some friends, maybe karaoke is for you.

5. 20 Minute Society – Newcastle University

20 Minute Society – Newcastle University
Source: 20 minute society Facebook

Like living life on the edge? Hate pre-planning? Yearn for spontaneity? The 20 Minute Society could be calling out your name.

Essentially, if you are a member of this society, you will get twenty minutes of notice regarding your next social’s whereabouts. Once receiving this notice, it is all about how fast you can get to them. Weirdly sounds fun… if you can think fast enough.

6. Stitch & Bitch – Leeds University

Stitch 'n’ Bitch university society
Source: LUU Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Facebook

More welcoming than their title may suggest, Leeds University’s ‘Stich & Bitch’ society entails gathering socially whilst knitting, hand-sewing, crocheting or pursuing any other craft of a similar calibre.

The members of this society are clearly getting in some early practice for their years as an OAP… how nice it is to see people embracing growing old for once.

7. Lego Society – University of Nottingham

logo university society
Source: Lego Society Facebook

Time to let your inner child back out at Nottingham University’s Lego Society. The group run Lego building competitions, and have a vast collection of Lego sets, editions, and games that you can play with and build at your leisure.

Whether you have an ‘unhealthy’ obsession with the toy, or you just want something to keep yourself busy with, the Lego society meet each week for two hours of pure Lego discussion, and Lego construction of course.

8. Nerf Society – University of Bristol

NERF university society
Source: NERF society Instagram

Bristol’s Nerf Society brings its members different NERF games each week, such as fighting another team, pretending to battle zombies, or duelling each other in pairs.

Equipped with ’50 blasters’, the society encourages people to bring just themselves and an attitude for lots of fun.

9. Ginger Appreciation Society – University of Bristol

Ginger appreciation society
Source: Ginger Appreciation Instagram

Active in 2019, Bristol’s Ginger Appreciation Society (shockingly) appreciates the world’s resident redheads whilst actively participating in speed-dating events, parties, and bar-crawls.

The society accepts members regardless of their position on the ginger spectrum; the only conditions are that you must be a redhead or, an appreciator of the redheads (for the non-redheads, don’t worry… they have wigs).

10. Shrek Society – Glasgow University

Shrek Society
Source: Glasgow University Shrek Society Facebook

Their Facebook group category is ‘Sex Therapist’, they are ‘dedicated to upholding the wider cultural impact of the Shrek cinematic universe’, is there anything the Shrek Society cannot do?

Running events such as a Shrek-themed scavenger hunt, a Shrek pub quiz and the ‘ShrekSoc Study Session’, it is pleasing to see that one can participate in drinking socials, academic meetups and pursue their love for Shrek, all at the same time. These society members have some serious ‘layers’ to them.

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