10 of the wierdest well paying jobs

Are you looking to work somewhere that nobody else you know will? Looking to impress when people ask ‘So what do you do?’? Or maybe weird them out? Here are 10 of the weirdest well-paying jobs!

1. Netflix tagger

Estimated average salary: £42k

Do you like sitting around and watching telly? Of course you do. Would you like it even more if you were paid to do it? Well, it is a career choice! Although quite a challenging one to get into. Ever let Netflix scroll past as a screen saver and noticed the three little adjectives? These are the people who choose them, and it’s these descriptions that determine who gets recommended what!

2. Mondelez Chocolate Taster

Paid hourly: £10 an hour

Mondelez are the people behind Cadbury and Oreo. And they regularly hire people who ‘like confectionery’ and have a ‘good knowledge of the English language’. Fit those? Want money? And free chocolate? Stupid questions, right?

3. Professional Bridesmaid

Estimated average salary: £32k

Now this may sound a little… sad. But it isn’t! Professional bridesmaids are there to help you deal with the stresses of wedding planning and handle any issues that come up on the day. That way you don’t have to yell at your drunk Uncle, they’ll do it for you!

4. Waterslide Tester

Estimated average salary: £22.9k

Are you an adrenaline seeker, and a water baby? Then this may be worth looking into. You have to go on waterslides, and then just rate them on adrenaline, splash, safety and uniqueness! Oh, and did we mention that they’ll often pay you to travel across countries to get to the slide of choice?

5. Crisp Inspectors

Paid hourly: £8.51 an hour

We all love a good crisp. But what makes them good? If you can describe your perfect crisp, then maybe this is your ideal job. It may not be healthy, but nothing this good ever is.

6. Ice cream tasters

Estimated annual salary: £42k

Earn more for a sweeter tooth! If you’re one of those people who never tire of ice cream, make it your vocation! Just taste and tell, it really cannot be simpler.

7. Fortune cookie writer

Paid per fortune, est: £46 per hour

Are you wistful and spiritual? Or are you able to pretend to be, at least? Then your future holds happiness. Writing tiny fortunes sounds easy right? And even easier when you’re likely to be able to earn as much as £46 per hour!

8. Dog food taster

Estimated annual salary: £22.9k

So, there’s no hiding that this is kind of grim. But if you’ve got no shame or you’re into things a little peculiar, then you can get paid to munch on kibble, reviewing it for taste. After all, it has to be perfect for the pooches.

9. Golf ball diver

Estimated annual salary: £37-75k

This has a wide range when it comes to salaries, we suppose it depends on how rich the golfers are! But if you can dive, a career choice for you is golf ball diving! All you have to do is go in search of the pearly whites in the pitches pools.

10. Life model

Paid hourly: £10-30 per hour

Now, this really involves confidence and perhaps even no shame. As you have to get naked in front of groups of people at a time and letting them draw you in all your glory!

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