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10 thoughts we’ve all had the night before an exam

The night before an exam can be really stressful. Either you feel like you know enough, and then you second guess that. Or you feel like you definitely don’t know enough, and then you cram. But just know, you’re not alone.

Here are 10 thoughts we’ve all had the night before an exam…

1. Laying in bed, begging your brain to just… SHUT UP. 

2. Panicking and rewatching prerecorded lectures

If I watch them all again tonight, I’ll know everything. Right? Right?!

3. My 🚩 is… 

And I will keep believing it, no matter how many times you tell me otherwise.

4. Cramming isn’t easy, y’know… It’s a skill.

And sometimes, that skill doesn’t cooperate.

5. Whether you’re cramming or whether you know it all, the feeling of anxiety is the same 

Seriously, can someone give me a sedative? I just want to sleep.

6. Thank you. Hank Green. 

7. Sometimes, there’s no panic – just despair

What was it Zendaya said in Spider-Man: No Way Home? Expect disappointment, that way you’ll never be disappointed? Yeah. That.

8. It’s called osmosis… that’s what that is, right?

9. Sometimes, you’ve just got to accept that it is what it is

10. And finally, we all know that we will never learn from our mistakes. 

It’s just the way life works.

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