valentine's day gifts under £10

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for under £10


That time of year is almost upon us! Rather than going to fancy bars, posh restaurants or jetting off on a bae-cation and filling your insta story with pics that will make your followers jealous, V-day 2021 will be a little different, which is a blessing for some of us. But for those of you that have successfully managed to stay booed up in the pandemic era or managed to snag yourself a lockdown bae here is a list of 10 gift ideas that won’t break the bank (just don’t tell them that!). And for my single pals out there, there is no rule out there that states that v-day is only for people in relationships. A little self-love goes a long way. No need to wait for a silly prince if you’re already a Queen – so treat yourself to a lil’ something!

1. Spotify Plaque (£9.99)

Spotify Glass valentine's day gift
Source: Spotify Glass

In the movies and on TV, a couple always seems to have that one song that is just associated with them. I mean if I say Last Request by Paolo Nutini you think Gavin and Stacey right? It’s their thing. So, if you and your special someone have that one special song what better way to honour it than having it in a plaque? Plus, you can personalise the picture in the middle, which is super cute. Just make sure you make a good song choice.

2. Personalised Mug (£5.95)

Personalised Mug Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: Personalise

The mug is a small yet ingenious gift. It’s practical and gets daily use so every time your bae needs a hot drink, they will think of you. And having it personalised just adds that extra layer of thoughtfulness. There are plenty of designs you can have, or you can use a photograph of your own. Adding a sweet message will most definitely get you extra brownie points, and if you play your cards right, you can end the night with a nice cup of hot chocolate in a lovely mug.

3. Flowers

Flowers Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: Ideal Home

Flowers are definitely an oldie but a goodie. They may be a little cliché, but there’s no denying that flowers are a good gift to buy if your partner appreciates nature (or you left gift buying till the last minute). The example shown here can be purchased from Home Bargains for £9.99, but most supermarkets sell nice bunches of flowers for affordable prices.

4. Top 100 Anime Scratch Off Poster (£9.98)

Anime Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: Amazon

This is one for all my adorable, weeby couples out there. This quirky little gift idea is perfect for those dating in the pandemic era as watching TV/movies is a pretty straightforward activity to do in a covid safe way. This poster is basically a massive scratch card. Behind each window is a different anime to watch. This is great for those of you who are terribly indecisive when choosing what to watch and you can synch what you’re watching in different locations if you’re partner is not in your household/bubble. There other variations of this poster, like Top 100 Movies to watch poster, etc. So, go for the one you think you and your bae would both be into!

5. Heart tea lights (£4.00)

Heart Tealights Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: Paperchase

Turn the lights down low and set the mood with a 6 pack of adorable little heart-shaped candles. Whether it be a romantic candlelit dinner or the light to see by whilst you watch a movie on the big day these are the perfect addition for Valentine’s day at home. And for my single pals why not pour yourself a glass of wine, have a nice hot bubble bath whilst a chill R&B playlist goes on in the background and light up a few of these bad boys.

6. A cookbook (£5.87) 

Cookbook Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: Amazon

A couple that cooks together eats together… duh. But seriously cooking together is a great bonding exercise and you get to have a meal at the end of it-result! The example of a couple’s cookbook shown here is a steal at only £5.87, but there are plenty of others out there to have a look at for reasonable prices. Practice hard enough, and you’ll emerge from lockdown with a practical life skill and knowing that one way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.

7. Treat Box (£7.99)

Treat Box Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: Etsy

This gift suggestion is super cute! The idea behind this one is that you post it to your significant other and it’s got lots of treats inside which will brighten up their day if you are apart on the 14th—the epitome of lockdown romance. The contents include: lollipops, balloons, a scented tea light and much more! Plus, you’d be supporting a small business instead of a large corporation which is a win-win.

8. Hot Chocolate Bombs (£9.99)

Hot Chocolate Bombs Valentine's Day gifts
Source: Pinterest

If your sweetheart has got a sweet tooth, then this is a great valentine’s day gift. Balls of Belgian chocolate stuffed with marshmallows + hot milk = the perfect hot chocolate. Cosying up on the sofa on a cold winter’s night with a steaming cup of cocoa is the right way to the day. I daresay topping it off with cream would be a welcome addition.

9. A4 Cinema Light Box (£8.00)

A4 Cinema Lightbox Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: MenKind

Next up we have a delightful little gift which will light up any room. Write a cute message for your valentine which will brighten up their day. Or buy this decoration for yourself and write a little note of self-affirmation. We all need some of that sometimes.

10. Make it Yourself

Last but not least, why not try and make a gift yourself! Something that is straight from the heart. It may take more effort than buying something online, but the outcome would definitely be worth it when you see the smile on the receiver’s face. Plus, taking the time to create something can be very therapeutic, and a good project to focus on during lockdown.

There you have it.  A fab list of 10 Valentine’s day gifts for under £10. We hope these suggestions help bring a little bit of love and a lot of smiles during a challenging time for us all.

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