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10 Wacky Christmas costume ideas

If you’re one of those families, or friendship groups, that LIVE for dressing up, then we’ve got a whole bunch of ideas for you! Here are our favourite wacky Christmas costume ideas.

1. Candy canes

This one is nice and easy, just white outfits and red glitter glue, paint or paper… a lot of it. Simple, but effective. The only difficult bit is the hats. But the instructions are all here.

Candy Cane Wacky Christmas Costme
Source: Pinterest

2. Christmas tree hair

If you have hairspray and leftover baubles, you can do this look. Just backcomb your hair, spray it to keep it up, and then decorate!

Christmas Tree Wacky Costume
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3. Bauble 

If you’ve got the time and the creativity, you can make a bauble out of papier-mache. Just like Georgia’s Olive costume in Angus Thongs. It’s a bit harder to do, but the end result is great.

Bauble Wacky Christmas Costume
Source: Pinterest

4. Snowglobes

Maybe a little OTT, but you can make little snowglobe costumes for each other! How cute! And you don’t even need much to make them!

5. Christmas slippers 

For the Mum Friend, or Mum, who just really doesn’t have the time to be building costumes, we introduce: the Christmas slippers. All you have to do is tape or stick ribbons to your slipper or shoe, and voila.

Christmas slippers wacky christmas costume
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6. Winter wonderland makeup 

Whilst it’s not quite a costume, this wonderful winter wonderland makeup is something you and your friends can try on yourselves and each other. That way, even if it goes wrong – its a laugh.

Snowy makeup wacky christmas costume
Source: Pinterest

7. Risque costumes 

We are all familiar with the Mrs Claus outfits, but get adventurous. If it’s just you and your partner this Christmas, why not be the present yourself? Or if you’ve got to see other people too but still fancy being a little more Naughty List, then try one of these slightly more PG-13 costumes. Perfect for Christmas night outs!

Santa's Helper Outfit Wacky Christmas Costume
Source: Pinterest

8. Be the star

If you must be the centre of attention, then dress like the star of Bethlehem. All you need is a cut-out, and a gold outfit. Simple, but cute!

Star wacky christmas costume
Source: Pinterest

9. Nightmare Before Christmas

Maybe you’re a little too edgy for the plain costumes. In which case, you can buy Jack and Sally costumes (or make them if you’re that way inclined).

Jack and Sally wacky christmas costume
Source: Imgur

10. One for the favourite member of the family

We all know that your favourite member of the family is the pet. So let them join in. You can get collars, headbands, or full-blown costumes for animals. Everyone should be feeling festive!

Wacky Christmas Costumes, Christmas Pug
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