17 of the most shockingly filthy student places in the UK – Part 2



11. This kitchen in Nottingham


So we can actually see in the picture someone cooking among that, which is hilarious haha! Completely oblivious to the bomb that has gone off. Although there looks to be alot of cleaning products around …

Credit: We Clean It

12. This oven in South East England

IMG 0599

It looks like someone is just about to attempt to clean that, although i’m not sure if there’s any saving that mess…

Credit: Grease Lightning Oven Cleaning

13. This shower in Bath


I don’t think this individual would have got their deposit back, judging by the state they left their shower. It doesn’t seem it’s been cleaned for the whole year. 


14. This toilet in Newcastle


Looks like they may have left some pee in the toilet before leaving the accommodation! Imagine the smell, only takes some bleach….

Credit: Clean As A Whistle Cleaning Company

15. This sink in Norwich


Someone seems to like rice but definitely isn’t a fan of cleaning. I’m surprised if the drain is working at all with all of that in the sink.

Credit: C.O Services

16. This hob in Reading


17. This kitchen in London

 Image result for horrendous student house mess

This grosses me out just looking at the picture. I can’t imagine students living in that!. There seems to be cleaning products on the window seal but it definitely hasn’t been used in this kitchen! 

18. Kitchen in Bristol

Image result for student house mess

This house has at least put the rubbish in a black liner… however they haven’t yet managed to get this to the bins!!


Image result for student house mess

This house enjoys a beer or 10… but they definitely don’t enjoy cleaning!! 

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