Adele's new album

20 of the best reactions to Adele’s new album

For the first time in 6 years, singer-songwriter musical powerhouse has released a new album. It has taken the world by storm, and Adele’s beautiful voice and face have been plastered all over the internet and TV. But as well as the album’s promo, one of the best things about her new release has been the reactions to Adele’s new album. Here are 20 of the best reactions to Adele’s new album.

1. Some people had some really mixed reactions

2. A lot of the songs on the album made us feel like TV icons

3. The album hits differently in certain situations, so some of us have been reimagining our lives for the best listening experience

4. The emotion in the songs has really hit different


Adele’s album has me crying like a baby 😭😭 #adele #adele30 #music #relatable #trending

♬ Easy On Me – Adele

5. We just know that therapy sessions were fully booked this week

6. And we were all talking to our therapists about the divorce we’ve not even had yet

7. Or maybe the album is your therapist

8. Now that she’s single, some of us have fallen for Adele 

9. Whereas others have accepted the heartbreak from the album 

No, we won’t move on.

10. Honestly, we’ve all developed a bit of a problem

11. The songs and the words are really two different worlds

12. Even the corporations know how we’re all feeling 

13. We ADORE Oh My God 

14. Honestly, Adele’s just so relatable

15. We’re so impressed that they pulled this off


She’s a higher being. #Adele #Adele30 #adelefans

♬ original sound – ADELE

16. And we’re all gonna be doing this for a long time 


welp. she really did the damn thing. #adele #adele30

♬ To Be Loved – Adele

17. Between Adele and Taylor, we’re just in our feels

Adele30 memes
Source: Let’s Eat Cake

18. We want to know what they put in this damn album, because it is so addictive

Adele30 memes
Source: Let’s Eat Cake

19. Oh, the irony… 

Source: Daily Mail

20. And finally… we all feel like Emma Thompson whenever 30 comes on


#adele #adele30 #emmathompson #alancarr #anaudiencewithadele #loveofhuns #uokhun #itv #iconsonly #emmathompsondancing #british #uk #uktv #british

♬ original sound – loveofhuns x

Listen to Adele’s new album here on Spotify, but be aware that you may need wine, comfort food and tissues.

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