20 of the best restaurants in Bristol

Whether you are a local, living in student housing, or simply visiting Bristol, finding the right restaurant for your meal out can sometimes be puzzling, with so many available options out there. Bristol is lucky to be home to many wonderful eateries that are unique in their styles and flavours. In no specific order, here are 20 of Bristol’s best restaurants, variant in their themes and signature dishes.


Bristol Mugshot
Source: Mugshot Restaurants

With its unique interior and exceptional service, Mugshot Bristol is a definite favourite among the city’s restaurant scene. The distinctive hot stone dining experiences paired with their succulent steaks make for a memorable meal out. Their chunky chips will also become a fast favourite of any diner!

Poco Tapas Bar

Poco Tapas Bar serves classic tapas dishes as well as other delicious menu items such as burgers and salads, most of which are available gluten-free. The chefs use small-scale local producers in their recipes, supporting localised agriculture. For a vibrant and colourful meal, Poco is certainly a great choice.

Chomp Grill

Chomp is definitely among the best of the best when it comes to Bristol steakhouses. Serving a wide range of refreshing cocktails alongside your choice of steak, Chomp delivers a plethora of high-quality menu options. A must-go for anyone who enjoys a good steak dinner.


Bristol TakaTaka
Source: Taka-Taka

This student favourite has four branches city-wide, and has been serving tasty Greek food for years now. Taka-Taka’s timeless Mediterranean flavours and deli classics are superb; once you visit for the first time, it will be difficult not to come back the next day!

Souk Kitchen

Situated in Clifton, Souk Kitchen offers dishes that utilise all of your favourite Middle Eastern flavours. This restaurant has separate brunch, lunch and dinner menus, so whatever time of day you want to visit, Souk Kitchen will not disappoint.

St. Nicholas’ Market

St. Nicholas’ Market isn’t exactly a restaurant, but it always showcases some of the best food in Bristol. Long-time favourites like Pieminister and Eat a Pitta have a home at St. Nick’s Market, as well as specialty eateries such as Caribbean Wrap and Portuguese Taste. For anyone wanting to eat out with friends who are picky when it comes to food choices, a trip to St. Nicholas’ Market is guaranteed to satisfy everyone.

The Cottage Inn

Bristol Cottage
Source: Butcombe Brewing Co.

For anyone who loves classic British pub dishes, The Cottage Inn boasts a stunning view of the harbour, as well as top-quality beers on tap. The chefs use seasonal produce, making The Cottage Inn an establishment that strives for sustainability. On top of it all, the pub was awarded the ‘Best Food Offer’ at The Publican Awards in 2019 and 2020.

The Ox

The Ox is another steak-serving venue offering exceptional meal options and service. They endeavour to use seasonal and local produce where possible, and pride themselves on their fantastic wine list which has been compiled carefully and diligently, meaning that whatever fills your glass is assured to be of high quality.

The Wild Beer Co.

Suffice to say The Wild Beer Co. offers a great selection of beers, ranging from ‘hoppy’ to ‘spicey’. The restaurant also offers some timeless dishes, including fish and chips and a number of burgers, as well as several sides that would be great additions to any main meal!


Bristol Snobby
Source: Instagram ‘Snobby’s’

Snobby’s is perhaps one of the best wine restaurants in Bristol, and probably one of the best Italian restaurants too. Boasting a wide selection of wines, ranging in flavour and price, Snobby’s also offer a number of delicious pizzas and smaller Italian plates such as lasagne.

Oowee Vegan

For those who have chosen a vegan lifestyle, Oowee Vegan is a great choice for a meal out. Oowee Vegan has two Bristol branches, one on Baldwin Street and one on Picton Street. Both restaurants serve terrific veggie burgers and wraps, as well as refreshing soft-serve ice cream.

Casa Mexicana

This Zetland Road establishment has been proudly serving Mexican food since the 1980s. Casa Mexicana is family-run and aims to produce authentic and tasty dishes like their superb spicy beef nachos. Most of the menu items are even gluten free, so dietary requirements are met without issue.

Racks Bar and Kitchen

Bristol Racks
Source: Racks

Racks Bar and Kitchen sports a gorgeous exterior of classic Clifton architecture, and offers a delicious £6 lunch menu. With specials available on certain days – such as Steak Thursday, where they offer £10 for steak and chips all day – Racks is a perfect place to unwind, have a drink and watch some sports with friends.

Mud Dock Cycle Works and Café

The idea of there being a restaurant attached to a bike shop seems a little far-fetched, but the Mud Dock Café definitely delivers in producing top-quality eats. The upstairs venue allows for pleasant views of the harbourside and makes the Mud Dock Café a relaxing place to have a meal. They serve a wide variety of menu items, though their burgers are particularly satisfying.

Jamaica Street Stores

For a stylish dining experience, Jamaica Street Stores is an exceptional option. This restaurant can be found, unsurprisingly, on Stokes Croft’s Jamaica Street and dons an interior with a noticeably vintage vibe, making it Instagram-worthy for sure. The only thing more Instagram-worthy about Jamaica Street Stores would be the food served, such as their excellent pork belly, which certainly hits the spot!

Salt and Malt

Bristol Salt and Malt
Source: Salt and Malt

Salt and Malt is easily one of the best fish and chip shops in Bristol, if not in the UK. They offer a range of classic fish-shop staples, like their homemade fishcakes and battered cod and chips. Salt and Malt can be found at two different Bristol locations: in Wapping Warf, and near Chew Valley Lake.

The Pump House

The Pump House is another wonderful venue which offers harbourside views. They offer a variety of dishes, from deli boards that are always fun to share with friends, to tasty sandwiches. If you were stopping by for dinner, The Pump House also serves classically British fish and chips, along with a few desserts that are hard to resist for sure!

Flour and Ash

It’s hard to go wrong with pizza and ice-cream, especially if that pizza and ice-cream is from Flour and Ash. This restaurant offers a myriad of much-loved pizza toppings, such as their flavourful spinach and goat’s cheese pizza, or their vegan pinenut and sultana pizza. Their ice creams and sorbets are also worth savouring, and come in a variety of flavours.

Sky Kong Kong

Bristol Sky Kong

For anyone who enjoys Korean food, Sky Kong Kong is the Bristol eatery for you. Found in Bristol’s Haymarket, Sky Kong Kong uses local and seasonal ingredients to artfully create some of your favourite dishes, such as their deliciously tender slow-cooked short beef ribs.


Situated in the gorgeous Southville area of Bristol, Birch offers its patrons fresh and local ingredients in the form of splendidly creative dishes. They are another establishment that boasts a wide range of menu options; their seafood dishes are particularly well-crafted, such as their pan-fried scallops served with parsnip puree. Although small, the place has an undeniable warmth to it, and is certainly worth a trip.

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