25 thoughtful gifts for under £5

If you’re a student, or just looking for a way to do Christmas on a budget, these 25 thoughtful gifts under £5 are definitely worth checking out!

1. Make a scrapbook

If you and the person you’re buying for are particularly close, this is an easy and cheap way to give a heartfelt gift. You can use FreePrints to get the photos sent to your home for only the price of delivery. Then order a scrapbook on amazon and some glue, and you’re good to go!

2. Bake them something

Does the person you’re buying for have a sweet tooth? Are you any good at making cakes, cookies, loaves or brownies? Bake them a batch of their favourites and you’re sure to make their day.

3. Growing kits

Growing kits are a lovely gift to give somebody – as they’ll be with them for a long time. Well, if they’ve got a green enough thumb. The one we suggest is the sunflower growing kit, as not only are they all the rage right now, but they’re fun to grow! What else can get that tall!?

4. Inspirational cards

You Got This
Source: Find Me A Gift

We all have that one friend who needs to remember how amazing they are. So buy them these inspirational cards and that way when you aren’t there to remind them, they will still know.

5. Small plants and succulents 

Source: Patch

Similar to the growing kits, but lower maintenance, succulents and small plants are great for people notorious for killing plants. And they look cute anywhere.

6. A diary 

When you’re looking for Christmas gifts, a diary is great for anyone you know who is an organised person.

7. Reusable face scrubs

Reusable Face Scrubs
Source: Puddle Lane Crochet

Know an ecowarrior? If you do, these Etsy reusable face scrubs are perfect for them. They’re soft, reusable and they come in really cute colours!


Source: Mirkwood Scribes

Perfect for any avid reader. And these ones come with gorgeous handcrafted designs on them. They’re also a great gift for that one friend that borrowed and dog eared your favourite novel.

9. Bath salts 

Bath salts
Source: Body Delice LLC

Anyone who knows how to relax is familiar with bath salts. A hot bath, these bad boys and your favourite playlist. Bliss. Help your friends achieve total relaxation by getting these hand-designed rustic bath salts.

10. Embroidered decorations

Source: My Mountains Treasure UK

These are especially great for any students you know. Student homes are awfully decorated, and you often aren’t allowed to use tape or blu-tac on the walls. So these embroidered decorations are the perfect cutesy cottagecore decor for your friends.

11. Wax melts 

Wax Melts
Source: Krissy Marie Candles

Again, perfect for students. Covers the smells of a student flat. But also for anyone else, as wax melts last a long time and smell divine.

12. Original artwork 

Source: Art By Le Claire Designs

Etsy is a great place to look for things that are inexpensive but 100% heartfelt and thoughtful. Like these pieces of original artwork.

13. A jar of their favourite sweets

If your friend has a sweet tooth but is more into literal sweeties, then buy a bag or two, some nice jars and voila! A perfect, inexpensive little present.

14. A mixtape

Mixtapes are the perfect present for anyone who’s just a little bit stuck in the 90s. And they’re super easy to make.

15. Cookie dough

Cookie Dough
Source: Gookie Dough

Gookie Dough is an online retailer that specialises in – that’s right – edible cookie dough. For anyone who loves cookie dough but is too busy to make it, this is ideal.

16. Sweet hamper 

Sweet hamper
Source: Swizzles

Not sure what their favourite sweet is? Or maybe you want to give them a bit of variety? These sweet hampers from Swizzle are perfect. And if it is a long-distance gift, they’re letterbox safe too.

17. Perfume gift sets

A typical gift – smellies. Both for men and women, deodorant, cologne and perfume sets are a great little something for your friend who is always into looking, smelling and being great.

18. Candles 

Similar to wax melts, everyone loves candles. They smell good, and they make a room look cute – especially in the winter.

19. Reed diffusers 

If you live in halls, you’ll be all too familiar with these. With strict rules against candles, these are a great alternative for anyone else in halls, or with a pet, or kids. Safe, but scented.

20. Undies


Now this may not work for everyone, but if you’re close enough with someone, boxers, pants and socks are a great gift on a budget. You can buy novelty ones, and you can never have too many of them. Especially when the tumble dryer keeps eating them…

21. Crystal growing kit

Crystal Growing Kit
Source: Find Me A Gift

Its science. Its witchcraft. Who cares? It’s pretty. It’s fun. It’s cheap. And, it’s a great gift idea for anyone a little unique.

22. Personalised pen

Source: B&M Stores

Do you know a writer? Or someone who buys waaaaaaay too much stationery for seemingly no reason? A pen with their initial on is sure to go down a treat. We all love a good pen, let alone a pretty one too.

23. Nail polish sets

Sparkles Nail Polish Set silver gold glitter

Even some guys love nail polish, so take a look at these sets of nail polishes. Give them plenty of choices to keep their hands pretty!

24. Coffee set 

Coffee Flavours
Source: B&M Stores

We all know someone who is always jacked up on caffeine. And the odds are, they’re quite often found drinking some fancy coffee too, not just your bog-standard Nescafe. So look into gift sets like these, which let your hyperactive buddies make their java at home.

25. Alcohol gift set

Source: B&M Stores

Finally, Christmas and birthdays are a time for a drink. So buy them their first one of the day in the forms of a miniature gift set!

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