21 things you will only understand if, to you, pizza is life

Bored? Order a pizza! Heartbroken? Order a pizza! Loving life? Order a pizza!

The combination of dough, tomato sauce and cheese is a discovery that has been cherished by millions.

It is so loved, that we even have a National Pizza Day.

Some people take their adoration for the doughy dish to another level — and rightly so.

These are the things you will only understand if, to you, pizza is life.

1. Why this woman is having the best night EVER

2. Why this guy’s anger is totally legit

3. Why this tattoo is amazing

Pizza tattoo

4. Why this meme is 100% accurate

pizza meme

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5. Why this tweet is just plain offensive

pizza tweets

6. Why pizza is a balanced diet

pizza meme

7. Why this is the best birthday cake ever


8. Why this is goals

pizza meme

9. Why this would be the best invention EVER

pizza printer

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10. Why this is so romantic

pizza love

11. Until you realise this…

pizza tweets

12. Why this is truly tragic

pizza meme

13. Why you can never leave pizza unattended

pizza tweet

14. Why there is never a wrong time to eat pizza

pizza meme

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