23 hilariously accurate tweets about university

Getting through uni from start to finish can be a rollercoaster of emotions, and sometimes all you can do is laugh…


uni is so fucking weird like am I on holiday or a school trip or what

— dyl (@DylCoulter98) September 17, 2017

# 2.

If I got graded for napping I’d have an A+ because that’s all I do #unilife

— Lizzie Loreto (@LizzieLoreto) September 20, 2017

# 3.

uni makes ur mood change from literally thinking this is the best time of your life and nothing can bring u down to I wanna die in 2 seconds

— TONE (@(ツ)_/¯ (@Dyyelaa) April 22, 2015

# 9.

Double-checking the attendance policy while still in bed

— College Student (@ColIegeStudent) September 26, 2017

# 10.

Me after completing 1 of the 20 things I had to do today pic.twitter.com/NUkpRHVCw8

— University Jokes (@UniversityJokes) June 24, 2017

# 11.

don’t u hate when your 15 minute study break turns into a whole semester

— Tanvi (@routinepoutines) November 11, 2015

# 12.

University is great because you’re basically an unemployed alcoholic but your parents are still proud of you

— ric (@PrettyRicc) September 11, 2017

# 13.

Process of writing an essay:
writes one sentence
checks word count
writes another sentence
checks word count
makes a cup of tea
falls asleep

— Charlotte (@CharlotteHallx) March 16, 2016

# 14.

Me leaving an exam I didn’t study for after finishing it in 25 minutes pic.twitter.com/ZV7537RmnT

— The Black Sheep UVA (@BlackSheep_UVA) March 15, 2017

# 15.

University is soup and I am a fork.

— Julieanne (@notjulieanne) December 17, 2015

# 16.

me: wow I have so much work to do I’m so behind
also me: pic.twitter.com/7VQ3ay85pB

— briar tate (@briaranderson) February 14, 2017

# 17.

I hope all of my friends are happy with a firm handshake for Christmas this year, that’s all I can afford #StudentProblems

— EmilyPayne (@emilypayne1001) October 25, 2016


I just realised the only veg I’ve eaten in about two weeks was a piece of lettuce in my burger at Nandos #UniLife

— Cameron (@CamRel_10) October 25, 2016


i got 99 problems but im gonna take a nap and ignore them all

— 30 (@pvxxd) September 23, 2017


@GordonRamsay Are you as upset about my kraft dinner as I am #unistruggles pic.twitter.com/LzwiHUBan8

— Birdie B. Bergeron (@

OhOpheliaSeptember 5, 2017


Mad how I’m at uni to get a degree, just feels like one big drinking game

— jake (@jakebunger

) <a href=”https://twitter.com/jakebunger/status/912978345238855680”>September 27, 2017


You know you’re at uni when you’re in someone’s flat you don’t know drinking vodka from a saucepan

— Hattie (@HattiePusey) September 17, 2017


“I don’t like to say I failed, because I don’t believe failure exists, but technically..we didn’t pass” – overheard on my campus

— 🌻✨ (@666clout666) September 20, 2017

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