40 start-up ideas you can start as a student – part 2

Continued from part 1 of 40 start-up ideas

11. Hire a projector and start a film screening club. Charge for entry. You could even offer pizza and popcorn to increase profits

12. Start a review website for anything you can see is needed in the market – maybe reviews for student accommodation blocks, private and public

13. Plant up plants from seeds and sell them once grown. You don’t need tons of equipment to do this – just an outdoor area and some green hands

14. Help the elderly by offering to do their online shop for them. In exchange claim cashback!

15. Make audios or e-book versions of out-of-copyright texts – anything old and hard to find

16. Be a personal shopper to the wealthy – source hard to find items. Find your clients via social media

17. Create a website via Shopify which only costs £21 a month and is free for 3 weeks! Create food hampers and advertise via social media letting people purchase through your shopify store

18. Like setting people up? Set up a matchmaking event and charge a small amount for entry fee. Partner up with a venue, most will let you do it for free and get the profits from people buying drinks

19. produce a transcript service where you can type up lecture recordings and sell them to fellow students

20. Organise a student club night – collaborate with a local club and hold your own night. Agree a percentage of the takings for yourself! Think about what you love about a night out and create that

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