40 start-up ideas you can start as a student – part 3

Continued from part 2 of 40 start-up ideas

21. Get a good quote from a coach company and charge to transport students to other cities or popular festivals

22. Picfair allows you to upload stock photos that you’ve taken. Grab a camera or use your phone to take some epic pictures and set your own price up on picfair

23. Create a online newsletter and sell to ads to local and national businesses. Offer discounts and competitions to entice reader volume

24. Start a yearly gift or card service where people can sign up for you to send (dependant on criteria) gifts are cards to their friends and family. That way they never forget an important birthday!

25. GraphicRiver allows you to sell web graphics or icons. If your not skilled in this area hire a graphic designer and sell the designs on graphic river.

26. Offer to wait or collect deliveries for a fee! People hate to miss parcels now you can be there solution!

27. Organise a bootcamp every week in your local park and get friends and friends of friends to sign up! Charge for your class

28. See if you have any local markets near you and hire a stall to sell smoothies or sandwiches

29. Start a cleaning business offering to clean peoples houses or offices. Start with 2nd and 3rd years who have moved into houses. When it gets big hire more cleaners to work for you

30. Create flyers offering your gardening skills and post to local residents

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