40 start-up ideas you can start as a student

I’m sure as a fresher its likely you haven’t thought about starting a business to fund your University life but there are so many examples of young entrepreneurs who started it all at Uni. You could do the same, check out our 40 start-up ideas. Don’t miss an idea, the last one could be for you!

1. Browse sites like Gumtree and Freecycle and acquire free stuff to up-cycle and sell on

2. Start a blog! Write engaging content about something you are passionate about, find your niche! Once you get a good following you can host ads on your site for payment. Even better you can sell ads to local and national brands. This takes commitment and can be time consuming concept to nail but once you do the awards can be great.

3. Start a Youtube channel! Pick a topic you are passionate about or a niche in the market. Once you get a good following you can get money from ad revenue or pay-per-view vids if you get enough subscribers.

4. Start a book business. Buy second hand books from your year and sell them on at the start of the new term to students the year below. They will need the same textbooks and would much rather buy them second hard at a fraction of the price. Plus most students don’t think to get rid of their books that they are unlikely to need in their new year of study.

5. If your creative or have a skill, cash in on it! Sell your skills through Fiver or people per hour or task rabbit (only in certain locations in the UK currently). They are always looking for computer geniuses.

6. We’ve all had an experience where we have lost a key or left it somewhere. Fix the problem by being an emergency key holder. Change a fee for doing so.

7. Start a magazine about something you are passionate about. Get local and national businesses to advertise, although this will take a bit of time getting used to selling and reaching the right people.

8. Use Airbnb and rent out your room for the summer months – don’t just let it sit there, make money from it!

9. Look at running a anything you want service. At weekends or evenings deliver anything people want. This could be beers, newspapers, coffee, anything!

10. You could create a unique year book using a publisher and print on demand – get it out their to your classmates!

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