5 eggcellent things to do in lockdown this Easter

The Easter of 2020 will be one for the history books, as there has never been a bank holiday like this before. Despite the glorious weather we are seeing this weekend, it is important to stay safe at home and have an unforgettable Easter in lockdown. Whether you want to eat all your Easter eggs at once, hunt them down, do something crafty, there are so many eggcellent things to do.

An Egg Hunt

No matter how old you are, you are never too old to go on an Easter egg hunt, whether you’re doing it for one of your flatmates or someone in your family or they have done one for you. The hunt doesn’t have to be about big Easter eggs, although maybe there could be one as a prize. Why not hide mini eggs around the house and whoever finds the most wins the larger chocolate egg. As mini eggs come in different colours assign everyone taking part a colour, and then they can hide all the eggs in that colour, this way you can make sure there is no cheating and people aren’t just finding the eggs they hid. But make sure you count how many eggs are hidden, as the last thing you’ll want to live with during the lockdown is unnoticed pools of melted chocolate.

Easter Eggs Cheesecake

There are so many delicious things to eat at Easter time, as the chocolate eggs usually come with smaller sweets and chocolate bars as well, but why not make all this chocolate into something a little bit more exciting? You could turn your Easter eggs into little cheesecakes for the ultimate feast by following any no-bake cheesecake recipe. First split the Easter egg into two halves by pulling it apart delicately, if this doesn’t work use a knife to go over the line where they connect. Then mix together biscuits and butter to form the base and place a spoonful of this into each egg half. Then beat together the mascarpone cheese, icing sugar, vanilla extract and cream. Then add this cheese mixture to each Easter egg half and add on top any toppings you received with the Easter egg. Such as by chopping up the flake, sprinkling across the Maltesers, or cracking open a crème egg. Or if you’re not a fan of cheesecake, use half of an Easter egg as a bowl and fill it with ice-cream instead to create an Easter Sundae.

Movie Easter Egg Hunt

Spend your Easter Sunday only watching your favourite films and favourite TV shows, but whilst watching make a list of all the hidden Easter eggs you find, and then compare lists with your friends or family at the end. These ‘Easter eggs’ would be all the crazy details that producers have forgotten about or added in for fun. For example, in one episode of ‘Friends’, instead of there being slices of cake under the glass cover at Central Perk, there’s just a potato. Or many of the Pixar films have hints about other Pixar films, such as in the film ‘UP’ you can see Lotso, the evil strawberry-scented bear from Toy Story 3, in a little girl’s room. If you want to get really crazy whilst watching all these films you can even cut out bunny ears to tuck into bowls of popcorn.

Easter Pampering

Since you’re on lockdown and can’t leave the house, you may want to use this weekend to look after yourself with a bit of pampering. You could make the most of everyone being in front of the TV eating chocolate, by using the kitchen to make a carrot-based face mask or even an egg-based hair mask. Additionally, one tip for next year is don’t ask for a chocolate Easter egg but beg for a beauty Easter egg instead, which are plastic eggs filled with small pampering treats. You could also take this lockdown as an opportunity to learn some nail art, by painting all your nails different pastel colours and flicking on some brown specs another nail polish you could have your nails looking like mini eggs.

Creative Egg Crafts

Easter isn’t just about eating chocolate, it can also be about being creative. Why not use eggshells as tea light holders or little vases. With a little bit of paint, they can be completely transformed. Or you could find some rocks and stones to transform them into little chicks and rabbits and use a sharpie to add the hashtag #rockhunt. Because as soon as this lockdown is over hundreds of children will be released into the wild to look for decorated rocks, which you could easily hide on a essential journey to the shop or during your daily exercise.

Although the lockdown is a good time to get things done and be productive, this weekend is still a Bank holiday. So, forget about work until Tuesday and try one of these Eggcellent ideas this weekend instead.

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