Virtual Dates for Lockdown

6 cute virtual date ideas to try during lockdown

Lockdown may be putting a cramp in your style, but there are still plenty of cute virtual dates you could try. Whether you’re having a romantic dinner via Zoom or watching a film on Netflix together over Face time. To help you out, here are some of the cutest virtual date ideas you need to try!

1. Romantic Dinner

Online Dinner Date
Source: The Ridgewood Blog

Online dinner dates are not new to us, and many couples use them when they are on different sides of the country or even different time zones. For all the Big Bang Theory fans, who can forget Leonard and Priya’s famous dinner date which Sheldon dubbed ‘Dinfast’? The key thing to making dinner dates special is that you are in sync, so decide whether to dress casually or if you want to dress up nicely, even if you’re just sat in your kitchen. Maybe give the night a theme, perhaps you will both be eating Italian. Decide on the food, are you both going to cook the same thing or different things, and how many courses. But the key thing to remember is not to get food or drink spilt on whatever device you’re using to connect to the other.

2. Movie Night

Online Movie Night
Source: The EW

You and your partner could also have a movie night through creating a virtual watch party or even just through using Zoom, as only one of you needs to have a streaming service subscription. This way you can both enjoy the film together and don’t have to worry about pressing play at the exact same time, etc. Plus it means you can both talk in real-time as well and share your thoughts, laughs, and maybe even cries depending on what you’re watching. Netflix has also created a Netflix Party extension so that people can watch their favourite shows together, however with this everyone would need to have a Netflix account.

3. Game Night

Online Games Night
Source: The New York Times

If movies aren’t really your thing then why not have a classic games night? Although there are a few games two people can play, why not make it a double or even triple date. Then you and all your friends could play anything from Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary to classic Bingo on Zoom. Or if you want to keep it just you two why not have a game of monopoly, chess, or maybe even battleships. Or if you both have gaming consoles, why not find a new game on there that you can play together?

4. Virtual Escape Room

Escape Room Online
Source: Escape Live

Many escape rooms are now offering a virtual alternative during the lockdown, so why not test out your teamwork and puzzle-solving skills by seeing if you can break out of a prison or a forgotten laboratory? Trying a virtual escape room can be exciting as you never know what is going to happen. Some of the best places to have a go at a virtual escape room are Escape Live and Escape Game Events.

5. Virtual Museum Tour

The Britihs Museum online
Source: Widewalls

Or for a calmer alternative, you and your partner could take a tour around a virtual museum together. During the lockdown many museums are offering free virtual tours, which means it is not only an educational date idea, it is also an affordable one. Some of the museums that you could tour together include The British Museum, The National History Museum, and even The Louvre! If you picked The Louvre you could also make the night French-themed, and drink wine and eat cheese and baguettes as you tour virtually.

6. Online Class

Source: Medium

If you like the sound of doing something educational and productive together, rather than just watching another film or tv series on Netflix, you could also try taking an online class together. MasterClass is a great solution for this, as they offer masterclasses from some of the best people in their profession. You could learn to cook with Gordon Ramsey, or how to act with Natalie Portman. But obviously, prices vary depending on which online course you take, but lockdown is the best time to learn a new skill. Plus if you both take a cooking class you could then have a cook-off after lockdown, or even take turns cooking each other romantic dinners.

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