7 skills graduates will need to get a job after Covid

7 skills graduates will need to get a job after Covid

The pandemic has changed life for all of us- but did you know that it has also changed the job market? It has made business structures change, probably permanently, and that has led to a change in the desired skills for many of the jobs out there. To help you navigate the evolved job market, we’ve made a list of 7 skills graduates will need to get a job after covid.

1. Collaboration 

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The last few years have shown businesses that they cannot work as islands. The managing director for Iceland, Richard Walker has discussed how retailers who “are normally the deadliest of competitors” are now discussing ideas together to help solve issues. So it comes as no surprise that employers are now looking for recruits who will excel in collaboration.

Being skilled in collaboration will allow you to help navigate teamwork, management roles, and provide the skills necessary for project management and planning – all of which are key elements of most graduate roles.

2. Creativity and innovation

Another one of the skills graduates will need post-Covid, is creativity and innovation. This has always been relatively important to employers, especially in those in the Arts. However, it is now becoming even more useful. The pandemic has presented businesses with problems that they just simply did not have the answers to. This has led to them relying on the creativity and innovation of their staff in order to continue to function as a company.

Whilst we are no longer in the middle of the pandemic, it has shown companies the intense value that a creative, innovative mind holds. Now they are looking for precisely that.

3. Digital literacy

Digital literacy holds more value now than it ever has. The world is evolving technologically, resulting in businesses relying more on technology than they ever have. Plus more and more businesses are choosing to use work-from-home models. This means they want their staff to be capable of troubleshooting basic issues themselves, rather than having to constantly pester the poor IT staff each time their laptop has run out of charge.

4. Communication skills 

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Communication is also more important to companies than ever. Many companies are working on their own internal communication, and so are looking for recruits whose communicative abilities are already top-tier. This helps with working from home, and it also helps ensure that all processes within the business run smoothly.

On top of this, being able to communicate efficiently helps the company explain their intricate processes to stakeholders, customers, etc. in layman’s terms, which is very important.

5. A growth mindset 

The pandemic has shown many companies quite how hard it is to ‘teach an old dog new tricks’. People who do not want to learn and grow, simply will not. And that is not useful for companies in the age of the digital revolution, nor is it useful to companies recovering from the impact of covid.

Many businesses are now hiring with a protective mindset, meaning they’re focusing on skills that will help protect them from detriment if anything like the covid pandemic happens again, and a growth mindset will do exactly that.

6. Emotional intelligence

Across the globe, the pandemic helped to shine a light on the fragile state of people’s mental health. More and more employers are looking to build teams who are capable of speaking and interacting with their teams compassionately and empathetically. They want employees to see their colleagues as people first and professionals second. In fact, emotional intelligence is one of the skills graduates will need the most. This helps to build a healthy workplace and is a key skill for anyone looking to work with large teams or potentially progress into management.

7. Analytical thinking 

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Analytical or critical thinking skills are among the top skills recruiters are looking for in 2022. This relies on your ability to think deeply and understand a problem. Then you’ll use your creativity and innovation to come up with a solution. Problems in business are often not what they seem at first glance, and things like supply chain issues, the Pingdemic and other covid issues have shown employers how true that is.

Applying for grad jobs can be overwhelming but it’s important to remember that Covid has brought just as many opportunities as it has drawbacks when it comes to the world of work. Are you feeling ready to tackle the job market? Check out LinkedIn tips for students to help you get a grad job for more help.


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