7 ways to have the best lockdown birthday

Birthdays are a great way to get all of your friends and family together to celebrate the day you were born; if only this were possible during lockdown! If your birthday is soon approaching, but it looks like it won’t be spent at a lovely restaurant, a cocktail bar, or a nightclub with your closest friends this year, then don’t fret! Here are some fun ideas to make your birthday just as enjoyable during the lockdown.

Video call loved ones

how to spend lockdown birthday

Why not arrange some video calls with your loved ones during the day as your friends and family will all want to wish you a happy birthday! Not only will this make their day, but it will also keep you connected with the people you love when there is a distance between you. You could simply have a catch up in the day or even raise a glass of your preferred drink in the evening! Cheers!

Have a virtual party

how to spend lockdown birthday

If your family members aren’t big drinkers or party animals, then why not have a virtual party over zoom instead with some home friends or fellow course mates! This way, you can still have a drink and a catch-up but also see some of your favourite familiar faces. To add even more fun to the call, you could organise a dress code, for example, black tie, club attire or even pyjamas!

Join a virtual cocktail making class

how to spend lockdown birthday

Seeing as lockdown has stopped you from going out, then why not bring the cocktails or mocktails to your kitchen! There are plenty of online cocktail making classes or YouTube videos that can help you mix expert cocktails from the comfort of your own home. By each chipping in to get the essentials: fruit juices, liquor and mixers, you and your housemates will have a great time mixing up your favourite cocktails!

Cook your favourite meal with your housemates

how to spend lockdown birthday

As you’re sadly stuck in a lockdown and can’t go out to a lovely restaurant, why not cook the birthday boy or girl’s favourite meal together as a house/flat! Cooking together helps build time for family and friends to spend time together, to experiment and simply have fun in the kitchen.

Have a takeaway night instead

how to celebrate lockdown birthdays

If you aren’t a dab hand in the kitchen, you could always order a takeaway as a house instead. Whether your preferred takeaway of choice is Chinese, Indian, pizza, a burger, fish and chips or a burrito, there are plenty of takeaway options still available during the lockdown, so why not treat yourself. It is your birthday after all!

Virtual drinking games

how to spend lockdown birthdays
Source: Cuirocity

Due to being stuck in lockdown, it seems that drinking games with friends have been put to a stop. However, there are plenty of virtual drinking games to bring your pals from all over the world together! These virtual games include the classic Never Have I Ever, which can be played over a video call, alongside Online Cards Against Humanity, Among Us, Psych! and Pictionary. Click the link here for more information!

Movie night

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As your special lockdown birthday comes to a close, you should consider winding down with your housemates by watching a movie. Whether it be a classic or something new, there are lots to choose from on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium or Sky TV, all of which have a student discount or are free! To add to the movie night, you could stock up on your favourite snacks too.

There are many ways to make your lockdown birthday fun – which one will you choose?

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  1. Wow I love the idea of making food with friends it’s a really good bonding moment and is creative and fun and if it goes badly you can just do a takeaway night instead ! X

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