takeaways open in london during lockdown

8 of the best takeaways open in London during lockdown

With lockdown three tight under our belts, it seems like déjà vu all over again. However, a huge difference is that we are still able to order takeaways, and I think we can all agree that cooking can end up becoming quite a chore sometimes. So, we have compiled a list of the best takeaways in London opening during lockdown, so that you can enjoy your evenings once again.

1. Tortilla

Tortilla takeaway london
Source: Tortilla

If you’re in the mood for Mexican fast food, then Tortilla is a strong front runner for being one of the best in London. Serving burritos (and naked burritos), tacos, salads, quesadillas, nachos, chips and salsa, they offer an extensive menu that you can customise to just how you like it. Choose your base, fillings and toppings, perhaps even grab a side and drink along with it, and you’ll have the feast of a lifetime (plus for a great price). Tortilla offers vegan options too, and is available for click and collect at their stores, or for delivery on Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

2. Bindas Eatery

Bindas Eatery takeaway london
Source: Bindas Eatery

Located in Mayfair, Bindas Eatery prides itself on serving delicious Indian street food, inspired by the hustle and bustle of the country. Bindas offers boxed feasts for takeaway, which include two starters, a large selection of signature mains, and two desserts, alongside their authentic chutneys, curries and small plates. Although it is considered slightly on the pricier side, this award-winning cuisine definitely hits the spot in treating yourself, so make sure to order in early. Bindas Eatery is available on Deliveroo and Just Eat.

3. Gökyüzü

Source: Uber Eats

Gökyüzü is an authentic Turkish restaurant, perfect for those who miss the taste of a classic lamb Doner, or even for those who want to try a bit of everything off the menu. For takeaway, they offer hot and cold meze, soups, salads, wraps, Turkish pizzas, fish dishes, charcoal grills and desserts for a great price. Stuck for choice? Well, why not tuck into their sharing platters, which range from dishes for two to six people and include mixed mezes, shish, kebabs and wings? A perfect option if you want to be spoiled for choice with a delicious menu, Gökyüzü is available on Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat and for collection.

4. Thunderbird

An award-winning restaurant inspired by the deep Southern American cuisines is Thunderbird, and it is so much more than your local fried chicken joint. Their menu offers a large selection of wings, burgers, strips, buckets, salads and even vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Whether you decide to go spicy with their ‘Habanero Wings’, sweet with their ‘Salted Caramel Wings’, or even classic with their favourite ‘Meltdown’ burger, Thunderbird also offers churros for dessert (I mean, it’d be a crime not to), and is available for collection, or on Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

5. You Me Sushi

With seven stores operating across central London, You Me Sushi is a staple Japanese restaurant serving some of the freshest platters there are. You can take your pick of variety boxes, speciality rolls, uramaki, nigiri, sashimi, temaki, hot dishes, salads, vegan options and even desserts, all for an amazing price. This Asian cuisine is a favourite amongst students and business groups with its central location, however, is also available for delivery on Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

6. Icco Pizza

Icco Italian Pizzeria takeaway London
Source: Icco Italian Pizzeria

Serving authentic, Italian stone-baked pizzas is Icco Pizza, a family-run restaurant loved throughout London. Whether you’re feeling traditional or adventurous, we can guarantee that you’ll find your next favourite right here, and with 12-inch pizzas starting from £5.50, how could you possibly say no? They also offer great family and vegetarian bundles if you really can’t decide what to have off their delicious menu – available for collection at multiple locations, or delivery on Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat.

7. Mac & Wings

Mac & Wings London takeaway
Source: Deliveroo

A delivery based offshoot launched by Pizza Express, Mac and Wings, located in Ealing, serves just what the name suggests: delicious American style Mac & Cheese and wings, but with a twist. Take your pick from original and mushroom to spicy ‘Nduja and Cajun chicken Mac & Cheese, or even hot Jalapeño and chipotle to Lemon and herb chicken wings. They also offer great combo dishes if you’re stuck for choice, and is available on Deliveroo.

8. Kim Klan

Klim Klan takeaway London
Source: Uber Eats

Kim Klan is a Chinese cuisine in London offering an amazing variety of Thai curries, appetisers, stir fry, rice and noodle dishes, and even desserts. Whether you fancy trying something different and finding a new favourite, or sticking to what you know best, rest assured you will be spoiled for choice when deciding what to have – because we’re pretty sure their menu is endless! Make sure to check them out on Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat and All Eat App.

And there we have it, the best takeaways open in London during lockdown. With a few hidden gems and family favourites thrown into the list, were there any that you hadn’t heard of before, or even better, ones you’re going to put at the top of your list? Let us know, and make sure to enjoy your feasts and support local businesses.

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