8 simple steps to getting university ready

Moving away from home and starting university can be really daunting. It’s the unknown with a new city, new friends and new accommodation. But these 8 simple steps will get you university ready!

1. The IKEA shop

An Ikea shop almost seems like tradition for new goers to university. Nothing quite beats the excitement of your first Ikea shop, getting everything you’ll need and even things you don’t need… Here’s a quick list of essentials to consider getting:

  • The essential kitchen items – Cooking pot set, cutlery, cooking utensils, cups and plates, tea towels
  • Bedroom essentials – Bed set, duvet and pillows, lamp, hangers, and washing basket
  • Bathroom essentials – toilet cleaner, soup dispenser, toothbrush holder, Bath overhead holder, hand towels and bath matt


2. Make sure to plan for fresher’s week

This will undoubtable be the most daunting but also the best week of your life so far. It’s when you’re getting your footing in a new city and making heaps of new friends. Make sure to know ahead of time what events are on so as not to miss out! You will usually have fresher reps guiding you all the way but if not check out uni groups on social where this information is usually readily available. If you can find out themes for nights ahead of freshers then you’ll be able to plan your fancy dress.


3. Join a group chat

Taking this advise will stop you from showing up to your new place not knowing anyone. To skip those awkward introductions join social pages. Most universities will have groups for the accommodation you’re staying in, as well as course groups and university freshers groups. Here you’ll be able to get contact details of specific people staying in your dorm or flat and make a private Whatsapp chat. This way you’re not turning up to university having had no contact with anyone you’re going to live with!

4. Find books second hand

There is absolutely no need to waste your money on brand new books when you can get them in just as good condition second hand. Textbooks are expensive at the best of times! You can get second hand books on Amazon or Ebay or just search for specialist websites.


5. Talk to someone who’s done it!

The best way to get ready for university is to find someone who has already done it. This might be a older sibling or friend of a friend who is in second or third year. They will be able to give you the right advise and prepare you for your first year at university.

6. It’s time to learn to cook

Going to university means your parents aren’t there anymore to cook you your favourite meals or make sure your still eating a balanced diet. As much as we believe we can live off takeaways at university, there will become a time when your bank balance and your diet just won’t allow it. This is when you’ll wish you’d leant the basics to cooking before you ventured to university. Try start with some simple recipes and see if your parents will teach you the fundamentals to survive at university, i’m sure they’ll be shocked your willing to learn.


7. Learn to budget

Unfortunately going to university means you have to budget, you don’t just get endless amounts of money to spend. It can be temping to blow all your maintenance loan as soon as it hits your account but this would be a silly thing to do. Budgeting from the beginning will allow your loan to stretch the full term until your next loan hits your account.


8. Get your CV out

Many people find that after not budgeting their loan runs out pretty quickly. This is when it is handy to have your CV at the ready. Many people find part-time jobs whilst studying or you can find employment during the summer time. Check out our guide here for student jobs – tips to finding work at university  and surprising side hustles for students and 40 start-up ideas for students.

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