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The Apprentice’s Lottie Lion Joins Sugar Daddy Website

Following her participation in the 2019 series of The Apprentice, 21-year-old former librarian Lottie Lion joined the website ‘Seeking Arrangement’. The website is designed to help people meet sugar daddies or sugar babies, and she was hoping that she would meet an older man who would act as her sugar daddy after the coronavirus pandemic stripped her of financial stability when she lost her job. However, the website led to her receiving a series of harassment and threats.

Experience On The Apprentice

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She Was Accused Of Making Racist and Homophobic Comments

Lion was deemed the ‘villain’ of the The Apprentice during her time on the show. She made the headlines for using racist language towards rival Lubna Farhan, whom she referred to as ‘Gandhi’. She was also accused of making homophobic remarks about gay candidate Riyonn Farsad.

She Was Forced To Go By ‘Lottie’ Rather Than ‘Charlotte’

Lion claims that she told the show that she wanted to be known as Charlotte, but she was forced to go by Lottie instead. Apparently, this was due to the alliteration of ‘Lottie the Librarian’.

She Criticised The Show’s Age Limit

She suggested that the show should increase its age limit to 21, following the backlash that she received.

She Claimed That The Show Is Fixed

She recently shared a video on her TikTok account where she stated that the show is ‘fixed’ and ‘scripted’. However, Apprentice candidate Ryan-Mark Parsons had denied these claims, saying that was Lion said simply isn’t true and that Lord Alan Sugar, in fact, writes all of his own jokes for the show.

She Struggled With Her Mental Health

After she was fired from the show, she was admitted to hospital due to a ‘medical intervention’ related to her mental health, despite having warned the show’s production team that her mental health was declining. However, a spokesperson for the BBC has reported that the wellbeing of the candidates that take part in The Apprentice is of importance to them, and they have a “thorough and robust duty of care protocol in place” which includes an experienced network of support for the candidates before, during and after filming.

Joining ‘Seeking Arrangement’

She Lost Her Job

Lion wanted to maintain the luxurious lifestyle that she no longer had due to the coronavirus pandemic, which caused her to lose her job. However, at first, she claimed that she was using the website to seek business opportunities.

She Had Broken Up With Her Boyfriend

Lion decided to join the website after breaking up with her boyfriend, who was in his mid-30s. He always paid for her to go on holiday whilst they were together, and she stated that their relationship had somewhat of a sugar daddy dynamic. He had also discussed his use of sugar babies in the past. She was hoping to find someone with whom she could share a similar dynamic on the website.

She Prefers Older Men

She confessed that she has never dated someone under the age of 26, not even when she was a teenager. She was therefore using the website in an attempt to meet mature men who had life experience and success. She claims that these are the type of men to which she is naturally drawn to.

She Received Harassment and Threats

Lion was approached by a man who at first appeared to be interested in getting to know her. However, he had recognised her from her stint on national television. She hasn’t given too many details about what exactly happened, but she has said that she will no longer be using the website. She disclosed that she received threats and harassment and that she even had to get the police involved.

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