Advice on starting your own Etsy business

Etsy is the global market place that we all know and love, filled with unique items that you can’t get anywhere else. Every day more people are joining Etsy and launching their online stores, and to help you with your Etsy future, we have spoken to some of Etsy’s creators. Here are their tips on how to get started with your own Etsy business.

Alana – AyelEmArtStudio

Alana, 22, uses her Etsy shop to sell her artwork as well as craft items, like embroidery hoops and handmade coasters. Alana began selling on Etsy in October 2020 and mainly does detailed watercolour paintings of wildlife.

She said:  “The biggest tip I’d give is to never underestimate advertisement and networking. You’ll find that advertising yourself might take up more time than it does to make your product, so be ready to spend lots of time trying to put yourself out there.

“Also, be ready for inconsistency! It’s easy to want to give up when things start slowing down, but they can pick up again just as quick.”

Credit: AyelEmArtStudio

Francine – Dorset Crescent Crafts

Francine, 43, has had nearly 200 sales through Etsy since she joined in June 2020. Francine sells a range of home decor items, including macrame, as well as scrabble pictures.

She said: “Use all your tags and keep promoting through social media to get people seeing your products. Link your accounts together too.”

Credit; Dorset Devon Crafts

Lucy – Aromarise

Lucy, 22, sells all sorts of home decorations in her Etsy shop, Aromarise. From key-rings, coasters, wax melts, candles, car air fresheners, placemats, coasters and even ashtrays. Lucy started selling on Etsy in late 2020, and whilst she has only sold 12 products through Etsy, she has sold more than 60 products through social media.

She said: “I would say for anyone who wants to start their business do the research it’s so important, give yourself the motivation on why you started the business what will benefit you and others.

“Start small with a few items and slowly build yourself up, also businesses takes time if you don’t get lots of orders at first don’t worry keep going.”

Credit: Aromarise

Millie – Made by Mil

Millie, 21, sells a selection of handmade products, including Pom Pom wreaths and clouds, tote bags, Clay dishes and crocheted buddy’s. Millie began selling on Etsy in February 2021 and has already had 6 orders through the site.

She said: “One tip I would say is to have great pictures, I think this is still something I’m working on, how to utilise lighting and backgrounds and make the products look the best they can.”

Credit: Made by Mil

Sally – Frankie Doodles

Sally Dyer, 31. sells a variety of handmade clothing for babies and toddlers. Sally also uses her embroidery skills or heat transfer vinyl to personalise some of the items. She started her Etsy business in March 2020 and has had over 900 orders since then.

She said: “My tip to someone starting off on Etsy- persistence is key, and finding something that really stands out from the rest. It may be a slow start, but do your research on selling tips for Etsy and really utilise the tools they provide. Link it to social media and just keep going, it doesn’t happen overnight, but it will happen.”

Credit: Frankie Doodles

Rosie – All wool no ball

Rosie, 18, sells a variety of handmade crochet items on Etsy, from small gifts to hanging decorations. Rosie began selling on Etsy in January 2021 and has already had more than 20 orders through Etsy.

She said: ” It’s really hard to start on Etsy; however, it does get easier and better! I’ve had my store for a year and a half, and I’ve only just started selling on Etsy, which was a mistake on my half because I should have done it sooner.

“One tip I would give to new sellers is to make sure that your products are eye-catching! Make sure that your products have a white background, as your products will stand out against a background like this.”

Credit: All Wool No Ball

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