As lockdown eases, here is everything you need to know

For more than ten weeks we have remained in lockdown to keep ourselves and our families safe. But now the government is easing restrictions and the rules are changing.

We can now see our friends, visit our families and travel within the country, as long as we abide by the new rules.

To make sure you stay alert and up to date with what you can and cannot do, here is everything you need to know…

Meeting Friends

As of now in England and Northern Ireland you can meet up in groups of six anywhere outdoors as long as you stay 2m apart. In Scotland you can meet in groups of up to 8 as long as you are from no more than two different households, and In Wales any number of people can meet up as long as they are from no more than two different households. With Scotland and Wales you can meet anywhere outdoors that is ideally within 5 miles from your home, as long as you stay 2m apart from each other.


There is no longer any limit on the amount of exercise you can do, but you can now exercise in groups of six, with people from different households, as long as it is non-contact, such as football or tennis. Meaning you can see your friends and keep fit at the same time, this is also great news for all the student sports teams out there.

Fast Food

I think one of the things that have been missed most during the lockdown is fast food, whether that be KFC’s gravy, or a McDonalds Mcflurry. Branches of our favourite food chains are re-opening up and down the country, but these are for takeaway only to prevent people sitting, chatting and eating.


Any households in England can drive any distance to places such as parks and beaches, as long as they do not leave the country. This is because other parts of the UK have different rules. However, the guidance still remains to stay at home as much as possible. If you need to travel internationally you will need to self-isolate when you arrive back in the UK.

Public Transport

From June 15th it will be mandatory to wear a face mask when using any form of public transport. This is to help prevent the spread of the virus, especially now more and more people are able to return to work. People are recommended to avoid public transport if they can, and are encouraged to walk, cycle and drive where possible which will help reduce the spread of corona, keep people fit, and is better for the environment.


If you can work from home you should continue to do so, however, if you can’t work from home then you should go to work if your workplace is open. Many retail and non-essential shops will reopen from June 15th, and so will many coffee houses and food chains, even if it’s just for takeaways.

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