The average penis size of students at your uni, revealed

People comparing where their unis have come in various league tables often amounts to what are pretty much glorified penis measuring contests.

To put an end to all of these, we decided to put together the definitive actual penis measuring contest.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been getting a ton of responses in to our sex survey, which you’ve filled in telling us all sorts of things about your sex lives at uni. One of those things was penis size.

We collated data from 1,134 respondents, to bring you a final ranking of which uni has got the students with the lengthiests penises in the land.

Some unis had far more respondents than others, so there were some institutions with a few particularly well-endowed students bringing up the average massively. Also, unsurprisingly, we’re pretty sure some people might have slightly over-exaggerated their manhood for the sake of the survey, so take that with a pinch of salt, too.

Now, enough dicking about, here’s the list. Where did your uni come? All sizes are, unsurprisingly, given in inches.

Aberystwyth University – 6.5

Aston University – 7

Bangor University – 5.5

Bath Spa University – 4

Birmingham City University – 8

Bournemouth University – 7.5

Brunel University – 7

Buckinghamshire New University – 6.5

Canterbury Christ Church University – 8

Cardiff Metropolitan University – 8

Cardiff University – 6.2

Coventry University – 6.5


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