The booziest unis in the UK in 2022: Revealed

There’s nothing like a cheeky pint after submitting one of those traumatic essays. However some universities like a drink, more than most. In fact, one university spent a whopping 50% more than the average UK student on alcohol per month- If you know, you know. Here at Unifresher, we took NatWest’s annual Student Living Index and looked at the universities that spend the most on drinking. We then used [] to calculate how much booze students at each university buy each month.

So, without further ado, here is our comprehensive list of the booziest unis in the UK in 2021.

21. Leicester

The booziest unis in the UK in 2021: Revealed
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Number 21 on our list is Leicester. Wow, you guys are moderate drinkers- Or you’re raiding your parents drink cupboard. In fact, students in Leicester spend a mere £14.40 on alcohol per month. That’s an impressive £12.70 less than the student average of £27.10 and it means that students buy the equivalent of just 4.56 pint’s a month. That’s like, one drink a week?

20. Birmingham

Next up is Birmingham. You lot spent just £16.50 on drinking per month in 2021. Using Pint Price, we worked out that equates to 5.6 pints a month. Good on you!

19. Cambridge

We guess you guys were busy studying last year because Cambridge is number 19 on our list. University students here spent just £19.30 a month on drinking or the equivalent of 5.15 pints.

18.  Coventry

Number 18 on our list is Coventry. University students here spent £21 on alcohol per month on average. However, beers are cheaper in this city, at just £2.50 a pint. Meaning that students here managed to get more booze for their buck, with the average equating to 8.4 pints a month, or just over 2 a week.

17. London

The booziest unis in the UK in 2021: Revealed
Source: Canva

We thought London would be one of the booziest cities in the UK for students but we were wrong. We guess you’re all busy getting culturally enriched in the capital instead? London students spent an average of £22.10 last year on alcohol. But with London prices, that’s the equivalent of just over 5 pints of beer.

16. Southhampton

Next in line is Southampton. You guys still spent less on booze than the UK student average, spending just £23.10 a month. That’s 7 pints a month based on the average beer price in the city.

15. Manchester

We thought Manchester would be a city with some of the booziest unis in the UK. However, it’s just number 15 on our list. Students here spent £25.90- the equivalent of 8.2 pints a month.

14. Sheffield

Sheffield is next up spending £26.10 a month on alcohol which with low drink prices, equates to 10 pints a week.

13. Edinburgh

The booziest unis in the UK in 2021: Revealed
Source: Canva

Students in Edinburgh spent £27.20 on alcohol a month- that’s the closest to the UK student average. Seems like you have the right work-life balance? That’s just over 7 pints of beer.

12. Canterbury

Students at Canterbury spent £30 on drinking in 2021, that’s 8.8 pints. Seems fine to us?

11. York

Students in York spent £31.80 on average on alcohol in 2021. That’s 10.6 pints based on the average drink price.

10. Nottingham

We know students in Notts love a party and they averaged £32 in 2021. That’s just under 11 pints (or a few too many bottles of Echo Falls).

9.  Cardiff

The booziest unis in the UK in 2021: Revealed
Source: Canva

Next on our list, we go to Wales. Cardiff is number 9 on our list. Students here spent £32.10 or the equivalent of 10.7 pints of beer a month. Good going.

8. Glasgow

It seems that you’re much more likely to party if you go to university in Glasgow compared to Edinburgh. Students here spent an average of £33 on booze. That’s almost 12 pints of beer a month, or 3 a week. It doesn’t sound so bad when you put it like that?

7. Leeds

Everyone loves a party, and that couldn’t be more true than at Leeds. With so many bars and clubs to choose from it’s no surprise that Leeds uni students spend, £39.10 on alcohol. With cheap drink prices, that’s 13.4 pints of beer.

6. Oxford

Oxford university students come in 6th place with alcohol expenditure averaging £36.40. However, it’s not that bad because once you factor in drink prices, it only works out to be 9 pints of beer a month.

5. Bristol

The booziest unis in the UK in 2021: Revealed
Source: Canva

Number 5 on our list is Bristol. Students at this popular student city spend £36.80 on average per month on drinks. We worked out that that is the equivalent to just over 12 pints of beer or maybe 7ish bottles of not that nice wine? We’re not judging.

4. Liverpool

If you go to university in Liverpool then congratulations, you are in one of the top 4 booziest unis in the UK. That’s right- students in Liverpool spent an average of £38.50 monthly on drinks last year. That’s almost 14 pints a month.

3. Newcastle

Go Newcastle! No dry January for you. Students in this UK city were amongst the highest spenders in the Natwest survey, averaging £38.60 a month. That’s almost 21 pints of beer a month, or just over 5 a week (with a couple of hungover days off in between.)

2. Exeter

It lacks the sheer number of bars and clubs in cities like London, however, that’s not stopping the fun in Exeter. It comes in as number 2 on our list for the booziest unis in the UK in 2021. Students here spent £39.30 on average. However, with higher drink prices, that’s only the equivalent of just over 13 pints. We put it to you to decide if Newcastle should beat it for second place?

1. Durham

The booziest unis in the UK in 2021: Revealed
Source: Canva

Last but not least- congratulations Durham! We are impressed. Durham is top of the list for our booziest uni in the UK. Students spent an average of £40.70 per month on alcohol last year. Impressive when a pint costs an average of is £2.10 meaning it equates to just over 19 pints. That means they spent almost 50% more than the average UK student. In total, Durham university students spent £488.40 on drinking last year- you guys are fun!

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