Bored in lockdown? Here’s 10 hobbies you could pick up

It’s amazing how much free time we all seem to have these days, thanks to no longer having to spend time stuck in traffic or waiting for buses to get to work or university. But with only so much Netflix to binge-watch, why not take up a new hobby, and spend your extra free time doing something productive? Here are just 10 of the productive hobbies you could pick up during lockdown.

1. Knitting

lockdown hobbies

It’s cold out at the moment, and unless you are a super fast learner you probably won’t be able to make a jumper or entire blanket at the moment, but if you learn now to think how cosy you will be next winter. Plus if you really get the hang of knitting you could knit Christmas jumpers to give as presents this year, meaning you are spending your free time on gifts rather than money, as wool is a lot cheaper than most presents would be.  You could also learn to knit mittens, or even adorable little egg warmers. Plus there are so many different knitting styles and patterns you will never run out of possibilities of what to do next.

2. Cooking/Baking

lockdown hobbies

If you have a sweet tooth this could be the perfect hobby for you. Instead of eating the same old pasta bakes and pizzas every other night, why not buy a new recipe book and challenge yourself into making something new. Whether you want to impress your family, partner, or even just yourself. You could even set yourself a theme, for example, Disney. Why not try and recreate some of the delicious mouth watering dishes shown in classic Disney films, from the smiley porridge in Mulan to the ratatouille recipe in ratatouille.

3. Photography

lockdown hobbies

Being stuck inside for another lockdown is going to get boring very quickly, but you can make it more interesting by taking up photography. Start going on long walks or bike rides as part of your daily exercise and take a camera with you. Plus when you do get home again you can spend your time editing your photos and looking at where you were instead of thinking about where you are.

4. Cycling

lockdown hobbies

If photography really isn’t your thing you could still take up cycling as it’s a great form of exercise. Plus with cycling you can usually travel further and faster than if you were out walking or running. Perhaps you could set yourself regular challenges to see how far you could travel, and maybe train to take part in a charity cycling event once lockdown is over.

5. Reading

lockdown hobbies

If the weather is too cold and chilly for you to go out then maybe you should make the most of your time inside. Most people have one, if not two or three, books laying around that they have been meaning to read for quite some time. Why not finally read that book and start reading more regularly. Many people find that reading helps reduce stress and improve their memory.

6. Yoga

lockdown hobbies

If you want to get fit but don’t have a bike and don’t fancy facing the current cold conditions then you should try yoga. You can learn poses and take part in classes from your own home, and yoga is said to be great for improving concentration as well as helping to calm and relax people. Plus there are plenty of free classes currently being offered online, and there are also a few free apps available for you to download.

7. Play an instrument

lockdown hobbies

If you already play an instrument now would be a great time to pick it up and start practising again, and if you don’t play an instrument then why not start. Whether you just want to learn a new song or two or want to start practising for a music grade, playing an instrument is a fantastic way to relax.

8. Chess

lockdown hobbies

Although most of us will not be a chess mastermind like Beth Harmon in Netflix’s ‘The Queens Gambit’ but the game of chess is still a great one to learn, and can help people improve their memory and develop a better perspective. You could also get your household to learn as well so you can all play together.

9. Painting/Sketching

lockdown hobbies

If you want to do something productive, but more creative than tactical, you should try picking up a paintbrush and give painting a try. Painting and sketching can be really therapeutic, whether you want to try and recreate a particular image or experiment with something more abstract.

10. Writing

lockdown hobbies

We really are living in a time like no other so it could be a good idea to document your time in lockdown in one way or another. Perhaps you could start a diary and write in it each evening, or maybe you could start a blog and write whatever you want whenever you want. Or if you want to escape from the day to day you could even start writing a novel.

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