Casa Amor Predictions: which couples will sink, and which will swim?

Get excited everyone, the week we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! The boys and girls are being split up for a few days, with one group about to be sent to Casa Amor, while the other stays in the villa awaiting their return. During this time, the boys will meet a group of new girls, while the girls will meet a group of new boys, each competing to replace whoever the Islanders are already couple up with. This is usually the week that brings the most drama in the Love Island villa, with the recoupling at the end of the week usually the most dramatic of the series.

All over social media, people have been giving their predictions of what will happen to individual couples, whether they will stay loyal or stray from their partner. So we thought we’d give a rundown of how we think the week at Casa Amor will end for our Islanders.

love island casa amar
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Toby and Abi

Starting off with a relatively simple one, I think it’s fairly obvious that Toby and Abi will crack on with the new islanders this week. This is down to a few reasons, firstly that they’ve only been coupled up what, two days? And secondly that Toby’s track record for loyalty isn’t the best when his partner is in the villa, let alone when she’s not there! Out of sight, out of mind, right? Who knows though, Abi could be the girl who changes Toby for good and they both might remain loyal.

Chloe and Hugo

Another fairly easy one to predict, given that the two Islanders are in a friendship couple. If the last few weeks have taught us anything, it’s that Chloe will crack on with the new boys, while Hugo will also try to. Ultimately, Hugo will end up pieing any girl who shows interest in him, but will probably bring choose to couple up with a new girl because he knows that Chloe will be doing the same. Hopefully Chloe will find someone who she’s more suited to than Toby and finally find the one for her in the villa!

Liberty and Jake

Some may think that Liberty and Jake are relatively simple to predict. I have my fingers crossed that they can survive Casa Amor, and that Liberty doesn’t end up as the Amber, Shaughna or Georgia of this series. However there is one Casa Amor girl, Lillie, who seems to have her sights set on Jake, describing him as ‘100% my type on the outside world’. Not only this, but she boasts her feet as her best feature, and we all know how Jake feels about feet. Hopefully Jake’s loyalty to Liberty as his newfound girlfriend(!) means that he will ignore any advances from the bombshell with his eyes on him – but I really couldn’t call it either way.

Liberty and Jake Love island
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Kaz and Tyler

Fan-favourite Kaz has only recently coupled up with last week’s bombshell Tyler, but they already seem to be getting on like a house on fire! There are a couple of the new boys who seem to have their hearts set on Kaz, and I can see her enjoying their attention but ultimately remaining loyal to Tyler. For some reason I feel like it’s too soon to judge how Tyler will react to Casa Amor, but hopefully he’ll stick by Kaz because of the chemistry they already have after just a few days.

Kaz and Tyler Love Island
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Millie and Liam

Like Liberty and Jake, I have high hopes for Millie and Liam in that it seems like they’ve been together for years and they’re also perfect for each other! Ever since they started cracking on with each other, it feels like the pair have helped each other come out of their shells together. Whether that’s through doing impressions of Lucinda together or just generally being couple goals together, they are cute! The only thing that worries me is that bombshell Mary claims to fancy Liam, explaining, ‘he is literally beautiful, he’s six foot six’ before exclaiming, ‘imagine the kids!’. Mary, please don’t split up Milliam, the best relationship to come out of the series so far, we beg you.

Millie and Liam Love Island
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Faye and Teddy

Faye and Teddy are slightly more mysterious in that you can see they suit each other really well, but at the same time there is potential for their heads to turn without it seeming that deep. The bicker-y nature of their relationship may influence their decisions when they haven’t seen each other in a while, if either Faye or Teddy think they get along better with one of the Casa Amor bombshells. We all know that whether it’s Faye who is left single or any of the other girls she’ll involve herself as if she’d been the one with her heartbroken – and we love her for it!

What are your predictions? Do you think Jake and Liberty can survive the Casa Amor curse or do you reckon Toby and Abi are stronger than we think? Who knows because honestly anything can happen in Casa Amor.

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