Brighton is known for its quirks, and one of those quirks is a huge number of people aiming to live the most sustainable lives they can. So it comes as no surprise that the city has a good number of good quality thrift shops. But which ones are worth it? Well, here are 5 thrift shops in Brighton to help you update your sustainable wardrobe.

1. Snooper’s Attic 

Snooper's Attic 
Source: Snoopers Attic Instagram

Located in the heart of the North Laines, Snooper’s Attic is just above Snooper’s Paradise, a huge store which also holds its own clothing. Whilst Snooper’s Paradise is a good place for basics when it comes to thrifting, Snooper’s Attic is just that little bit better. You can expect to find amazing designer wear, jewellery, dresses, and everything else. Be sure to check out Snooper’s if you’re looking for a thrift shop in Brighton.

2. Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro
Source: Beyond Retro

Recently moved to a new location, Beyond Retro is a great place for fans of all things vintage. They have everything from vintage Scarface merch to huge leather coats that your dad definitely wore in the 70s. Located over in the North Laines, just a short walk down from Snooper’s, there’s plenty to do around them too. Why not fill your shopping bags then stop at Fatto Mano for a pizza?

3. Emmaus

Emmaus thrift store brighton
Source: Emmaus

All the way over in Portslade, this huge charity warehouse based in an old church has received a fair share of attention on Tik Tok. It’s not only got an area for clothing and sewing but a huge furniture storehouse that delivers and a cafe! Check out their glorious vintage gowns, jeans, shoes and bags net time you have some time to spare.

5. Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry
Source: Dirty Harry Instagram

Somehow, Dirty Harry is almost famous. People literally visit the city for it. That might be why it’s always so busy! But for good reason. This vintage shop has loads of retro wear in it, especially focussing on denim. If you’re in the market for a pair of well worn jeans, you’re in luck.

6. To Be Worn Again

To Be Worn Again thrift store
Source: To Be Worn Again

There’s a few branches of this vintage/retro shop in Brighton, just keep walking through the North Laines and you’ll spot them! Between them they have loads of really cool retro clothing, from pretty much the 50s onwards. Be sure to check them out next time you’re on a thrift hunt.

7. Shabitat

Source: Shabitat & Magpie Recycling Instagram

This one always seems like it is less known than its others, and that might be why it always has the best hidden gems. Over on Lewes Road, in the heart of the student area of the city, this huge warehouse is full of second-hand furniture, books, and art, but it also has a relatively small tucked away corner full of clothing. Whether you’re after a suit, some kids clothes or ski boots, it is almost definitely worth checking out.

8. Junk

Junk has moved around a fair bit in its time and is now hidden away just off of the North Laines, by Bill’s. In there, you can find a range of vintage, retro, and just 2nd hand clothing as well as books, furniture, electronics, records, vinyl, and novelty items. It’s definitely a place to explore and should be on anyone’s Brighton Bucket List.

Last Updated on June 5, 2024