Brighton’s relatively close to the capital, and with plenty to do, lots of students, and some of the nicest houses in the country, you may be wondering if Brighton’s an expensive place to live. After some research, the short answer is yes. However, it varies for students, adults, and families.

Is Brighton expensive for students?

Is Brighton expensive for students?
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According to The University of Brighton, a student will pay between £115 and £166 per week in rent. The university has gone on to quote bills on top of that for £15.50 a month (which may be a little low – especially during the winter – so we have upped this estimate to about £25). Then, the estimate follows that you’ll need approximately £75 to £100 a week to live on. In total, this comes to between £215 to £296 a week, or a minimum of £890 a month. Or, with a bit more financial freedom, £1,229.

The breakdown – what costs what?

Money experts Expatistan have broken down the costs of living by the sea, so we’ve gathered the important ones for you to peruse!

  • Basic lunchtime menu with a drink – £9
  • Combo meal in fast food restaurant – £5.75
  • 0.5 litres of beer in a supermarket – £2.30
  • 1 bottle of wine – £9
  • Internet 8mbps – £22
  • 4 rolls of toilet paper – £1.80
  • Standard men’s haircut – £12
  • 2 cinema tickets – £18
  • 2 theatre tickets (best seats) – £100
  • 1 cocktail in a club – £9
  • 1 beer in a pub – £5.22
  • 1 packet of Marlboro cigarettes – £10

Why is Brighton so expensive?

Why is Brighton so expensive?
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The city has so much to offer, that it really is no surprise. With the seaside, a hugely varied nightlife, excellent train links, great shopping opportunities, and a wide range of creative jobs, it really is ‘London by the sea’.

Properties in the city have raised by 40% in the last ten years, in part due to the celebs who have taken up residence in the seaside city.

Pros and Cons of living in Brighton

We have a whole guide on living in Brighton, which shows everything the city has to offer, but it also must be mentioned that Brighton is great for art and tolerance as well as its facilities. However, the cost, the noise, and the parking may well put you off.