Brighton is a maze of wonderful things to explore, see and do! Its nightlife trumps some of the major cities in the UK with various choices of nightclubs, bars and pubs. You’ll find something to do for every night of the week! Brighton is full of its own secrets and its not rare to turn a corner and see another gem you haven’t seen before. Unifresher have put together these five hidden bars in Brighton you need to explore as a fresher. Be a cool cat in the know and tell your new friends..

1. Grand Central 

The Nightingale Room
Source: The Nightingale Room Facebook

Okay, okay so your probably thinking the Grand Central? Everyone knows the Grand central, its one of the most notable pub in Brighton being just outside the station door. But this isn’t why this is on our list, the reason why is it also has one of the best secret bars in Brighton. its situated above the pub and its called the Nightingale Room. They are known for their amazing gins and have some great live events on all year round!

Address: 29-30 Surrey St, Brighton BN1 3PA

Price: ££

2. The Plotting Parlour 

 plotting parlour brighton
Source: Plotting Parlour

Don’t be deceived from the outside, this place is well worth seeking out. PLotting Parlour is located on the edge of Kemptown. Frescoed walls, golden bars and delicious cocktails await you!

Address: 6 Steine St, Brighton BN2 1TE

Price: ££

3. The Black Dove

the black dove brighton
Source: The Black Dove

So The Black Dove isn’t much of a secret as its got well known because of its cool and quirky venue BUT, not many know of the den hidden downstairs. There you’ll find a small private lounge room with vintage treasures, comfy and snug seating, low lighting and a place to share your deepest and darkest secrets.

Address: 74 St James’s St, Brighton BN2 1PA

Price: ££

4. Twisted Lemon

Twisted Lemon
Source: Twisted Lemon Instagram

This is a bit of a tricky venue to find. Its sandwiched between two buildings and the bar is small and cosy but the drinks are to die for with some super talented mixologists! Our favourite is the Banofee Pie Martini – try it and let us know what you think..

Address: 41 Middle St, Brighton BN1 1AL

Price: £

5. Speakeasy At The Wick

Speakeasy At The Wick
Source: Speakeasy Brighton

The last of our recommendations is Speakeasy at the Wick. You may not think it but this pub has a selection of 1920s-inspired cocktails that you’ll absolutely love. This has become a firm favourite with students, check it out for yourself.

Address: 63 Western Rd, Hove BN3 1JD

Price: ££