Brighton is popularly known as London by the Sea, as it offers a great seaside and a cosmopolitan life. It has loads of galleries, cinemas, fantastic nightlife, and two prestigious universities, the University of Sussex and Brighton, amongst many others. As it is buzzing with students, it is essential to find the right place within the budget and fulfil the purpose of all amenities, one could imagine. Coombe Road thus comes into the picture here.

coombe road
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Low cost

Coombe Road is an affordable place to rent with rates starting from £100 per week. This is a bargain that you cannot say no to. And the best part about these deals is that the houses are all modern-furnished and have everything you could dream of in a home.

Local amenities

Coombe Road is also very close to Aldi and Sainsbury’s, so you are sorted for groceries and all the essentials that you need. It is also not far from cheap yet good pizza and kebab places; some even open until as late as 3 am. It is, of course, unlike the North Laine, or the cafés in the city centre, and does not have an abundance of pubs or clubs, yet it is definitely a must-try place for your late-night hunger pangs. Coombe Road is also close to The Racecourse, which means you are pretty close to any significant events of the city such as live events, concerts, and so much more, and you can even walk up to there. This certainly saves a lot more money than hiring a cab to reach the venue.

coombe road
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Also, the bus connectivity is relatively good. The Coombe Road bus stop is just 5 minutes away from the University of Brighton and the Mouslecoombe station.  It is also well connected to the universities with the Lewes Road bus stop where numbers 25 and 25X stop.

coombe road
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The downsides

Coombe Road, however, also has certain negatives. First of all, it has a primary school nearby. School nearby would generally mean crowded and noisy streets and busy roads. It can get really noisy in the morning or during breaks. It is also situated on top of the hill, and whilst climbing that hill is some free exercise (which would definitely save your money on gyms and fitness classes) it may be difficult if you are not used to climbing a steep hill at all. You also have to climb down the hill to catch the bus.

Parking is a problem for Coombe Road residents as there are very few houses with driveways. So, a lot of people park on the side of their roads as there is no permit parking. This can sometimes be a nuisance as you might not find the space to park your own vehicle and may have time to move up and down the hill to find a spot.

coombe road
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The verdict: 4/5 stars

Finally, if we sum up what is good about living on Coombe Road, we can say that it is a budget-friendly, student-friendly place, where you can enjoy all the amenities, with only a few downsides, like fewer pubs, limited parking space, and noise.  However, the location is overall perfect as you are very near to the town and universities.

Last Updated on September 2, 2022