Lewes Road is a very popular student area. It is fast becoming Brighton’s main area competing with the iconic Laines. But what’s so good about living on Lewes Road, Brighton?

lewes road brighton student housing
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The main street is almost flat, and even the surroundings are unlike anything, like Coombe Road, which is hilly. So, you don’t need to burn yourself out just to reach a house on Lewes Road. Lewes Road is also a very lush, green area in Brighton. Lewes Road is becoming equally important as the North Laines.

Perfect distance to offices, universities, and central city: It is situated equidistantly from all significant offices, cafes, pubs, and even the Level, the Preston Park and the Queen’s Park are easily accessible. Since it is easily accessible, a short bus ride would also take you all the way to Stanmer Park.


Since it is student-friendly, it sits right on the pocket, and properties are not that expensive as well as fully or semi-furnished with all modern fittings.

Lewes Road Brighton
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Lewes Road is also a famous street in Brighton, and you will find a lot of takeaways and eateries around. Any kind of cuisine you fancy, you can find close to Lewes Road, and all of them deliver as well. Staying in Lewes Road means you are pretty much near all the good food in town. Also, if you want to cook at home, staying at Lewes Road is a pretty good deal since you have an Aldi, Sainsbury’s, and Co-op nearby, all at a stone’s throw. So, all in all, you are pretty much well surrounded by endless food. Lewes Road is also very close to Brighton’s nightlife. You can easily walk up to clubs and pubs by the seaside, instead of burning a hole in your pocket with the expensive cabs. Lewes Road is also well-connected with various schools, primary and secondary both. So, this also becomes an excellent place for families to live in.

Accessibility: Lewes Road is easily accessible and has a lot of bus stops along with it. So, moving around here is pretty straightforward. Some key stops here are the Lewes Road Garage and Elm Grove. These are also very busy stops where buses 25, 25X, 28, and 29 stop. It is also very close to the Brighton station, at a walking distance, from where you could head off to London.

lewes road brighton student houses
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Lewes Road is pretty lively, pretty much all times of the day. According to crime statistics, the crime rate is relatively lowe on Lewes Road compared to other areas in Brighton. Plus, it is student-friendly, safety is also one of the main features of this street. Students have house parties here, but the number of residents is equally high who maintain the sanity and noise on the road and in houses.

Lewes Road is a popular student-friendly neighbourhood that gives you the best of the city- life, seaside as well as uni- life. Its easy accessibility makes it a popular hub among students. You can literally enjoy here a cosy night at your home, cooking or moving out with friends to have a party.