Bristol is definitely a city that often offers out-of-the-ordinary experiences and a city that prides itself on being a unique place. With this in mind, it is unsurprising that a number of the city’s restaurants offer experiences that make them truly stand out from your run-of-the-mill local pub. Here is a reveal of some of the most unique experience restaurants in Bristol.

Grain Barge

Source: Grain Barge Facebook

What could be more idyllic than having your evening meal on a boat looking out to Bristol’s harbourside? Grain Barge offers just that and allows its patrons to experience what it would be like to have a meal while floating on the river. The venue stocks a superb selection of craft beers, which pair perfectly with one of their small plates such as their hummus and flatbread combo. Grain Barge would truly be perfect for a relaxing meal out.

The Old Bookshop

Source: The Old Bookshop

The Old Bookshop is a North Street restaurant with a difference. Filled with antiques and curiosities, it will be hard not to spend hours studying the collection of objects and artworks scattered around the venue. The food itself is very high-quality, and their Sunday Roasts are particularly worth travelling for. The Old Bookshop also hosts live music acts on certain nights, which are always exciting to see.

Chance and Counters

Source: Chance and Counters

For anyone who misses playing Monopoly with their friends and family, Chance and Counters Board Game Café is worth investigating. Cosy and welcoming, this café can be found near Bristol’s famous Christmas Steps, and it offers a selection of over 850 games to choose from. Along with this, Chance and Counters serves a range of tasty café classic foods, like their selection of toasties, which would be very comforting on a colder day. Why not drop by for one of their playtesting sessions, which showcase games created by local designers, or visit for a social-gaming session to meet other likeminded gamers?

Atomic Burger

Source: Atomic Burger

Source: Atomic Burger

Atomic Burger can be described as a wonderful pop-culture explosion, with figurines and posters featuring everything from Doctor Who to Marvel scattered about the dining area. This restaurant definitely exudes classic American diner vibes, and its menu 100% reflects this. They offer a variety of speciality burgers, where you will be able to choose the bun, the burger patty and a free side. Their menu additionally showcases a number of milkshakes that any sweet tooth would love. The Bristol branch of Atomic Burger can be found on Gloucester Road.

Yurt Lush


Source: Facebook – Yurt Lush

For anyone who wants to feel transported while they dine out, Yurt Lush is a definite top-choice. This Station Approach café-bar is based within a series of huge Mongolian yurts and is filled with beautiful themed décor. The rave-reviewed menu is really what makes Yurt Lush so special. They offer some perfected pub classics, such as their Sunday Roasts, and their colourful vegetarian options like their chestnut mushrooms. Yurt Lush certainly offers a unique experience that will be hard to forget.