Being a first-year isn’t easy, we’ve all been there, done that and got the (pub crawl) t-shirt.But sometimes it’s funny to look back at how flustered you were. So, here’s a little reminder of what it’s like being a first-year at Napier, in case you forgot.

1. Desperation after an all-nighter in the JKCC

Nothing hurts more than your first all-nighter especially when the assessments are bigger than high school, but at least the JKCC is crammed to capacity with fellow students who are going through the same pain. Just quietly crying in the booth at 4am, wondering why you didn’t bring a sleeping bag with you.

2. That sickening feeling you get when Moodle crashes on submission day

The golden rule of Moodle – don’t wait until the last minute because Moodle has a mind of its own on submission Fridays. It takes no prisoners, and granted the uni’s code states that electronic crashes (like the ones that Moodle is prone to) aren’t a reason for the extension, it can be a killer, but that’s when you find out who is your favourite lecturer. Hint, it’s the one that understands and gives you an extension.

3. Extreme confusion after your first on-campus submission

When Moodle isn’t breaking down, you’re trying to find the on-campus submission area and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You realise that Napier is a maze that makes no sense and proceeds to waste 2 hours of your life trying to find the drop-off place. If you’re lucky, you’ll only ever do this once or twice in your uni life.

4. Extreme happiness after your first on-campus submission

The use of ‘extreme’ here is no exaggeration – when you’ve spent hours slaving over this assignment and then you can’t find where to hand it in, that’s the definition of infuriating. So, when you do find it, you’ll be ready to cry happy tears! But the submission box won’t be in the same place next time.

5. Never being able to find a warm room on the entire campus

Why ever room in Napier feels like the Arctic tundra, we will never know, so if you’re in the first year at the moment, remember to wrap up warm for the winter months, especially if you’re in the basement classrooms (Journalism and Music), they’re icy.

6. That feeling when you get to the top of the stairs at Merchiston and realise you’ve done all your exercise for the week

You either feel like Rocky or your legs and lungs are burning so much you just want to sit down because you’ve realised how unfit you are. Either way, at least you don’t have to get a gym membership if you’re on floor H three times a week.

7. Realising there’s a Starbucks at Merchiston campus

Starbucks on campus kind of came out of nowhere and landed at Merchiston campus without anyone really realising. For everyone on a caffeine low, it was heaven on earth.

8. Confusion over what the difference between iNapier, Moodle and my dashboard is

I’m in third year and I still don’t see the point in having three different systems and the exam board for the end of year results. Why can’t it be all in one place? I’ve only just figured out which one has my email, which one has my timetable, and which one has my classwork forum on it, and I’m almost graduating!

9. Discovering Montpeliers for the first time and feeling fancy

When you’re hungry and broke, Montpeliers is the greatest place for food near the uni. It’s close, it’s fancy looking but cheap and it serves all-day breakfast. It’s goals!

10. Getting drunk in Montpeliers and feeling ashamed

Finding out that Montpeliers does boozy brunch and cocktails is also one of the most humiliating things you’ll ever do to yourself, but you’ll stomach that shame and go back for lunch almost every week. Just steer clear of the Bellinis for a while.

Last Updated on August 10, 2022