We’ve all been there at some point; anxious and excited standing in our first uni lecture fretting over whether this was all worth it. But it doesn’t have to be that bad! Just follow a few of these tips and first year will be a dawdle.

1. Don’t worry about the accommodation

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It’s difficult not to get bogged down with accommodation – after all it is going to be the roof over your head for the next year, but just remember that Bainfield might be the halls of choice for the majority of students, but Arran House doesn’t look that much different on the inside and you won’t spend that much time in your flat because you’ll have classes and a new city to explore.

2. Sort out a budget

Sort out a budget
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Setting a budget is never easy, purely because it’s a new city and everything is a little bit more expensive, but it’s worth knowing that there’s a Lidl near Bainfield and Arran House for cheap groceries and you might want to consider things like transport costs and having some money set aside just in case something goes wrong during a flat inspection.

3. Consider where your campus is

Consider where your campus is
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Napier has three campuses and they are nowhere near each other, so just be prepared that Merchiston is within walking distance of the Napier halls, but Sighthill is a bus journey away. You might want to look into a bus pass if it saves you money.

4. Don’t stress about finding rooms


Don’t stress about finding rooms
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On your first day, it’s the majority of people first days, so they’ll know how you feel but the most valuable piece of advice is look up. Some of Napier’s room signs aren’t at eye level and are actually really high up on the walls, so watch out for them because they tend to be the most helpful ones.

5. Plan a trip with your parents/6th year friends

Plan a trip with your parents/6th year friends
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Sometimes this can settle your nerves, or your parents’, because you get a feel of the city before you really move here. Make a list of things that you’ll want to see, for example where Bainfield/Arran House is, where the Three Sisters Student Union bar is, but also make a list of things that you don’t have time for but want to do – the Cat Café seems to be a really popular one!

6. Look into societies

Look into societies
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If whisky is your thing then we’ve got a society for that, or maybe you like sports then there’s a whole host of them to try out – in other words look into these things before Fresher’s Fair so that you know what you might be interested in, it helps to fill your time before classes start.

7. Don’t miss Freshers’ Fair

Freshers’ Fair is the staple of every first year – you’ll collect enough pens for your entire uni experience and there’s normally free pizza so that makes it worthwhile, but you can also find out loads about the societies and ways to make friends. So, mark that date in your diary the moment you find out!

8. Know your Induction Day date

Sometimes these get lost because they’re being sent to new emails so be aware that classes don’t just start. There’s normally an Induction Day that is on the first Monday of Freshers’ Week, and you don’t want to miss it. You’ll find out who all the lecturers are that you need to know and who can help you if you need to chat to someone further down the line.

9. Set everything up before you arrive

Matriculate as soon as you can so that you can pick up your student ID and get your timetable, but also set up a Paypal account because that’s the only way that you can top up the cards that let you use the laundry rooms at halls. It’s a pain but it’s got to be done. Maybe, think about getting a provisional license to use as ID, so that you’re not taking you passport with you on nights out. It just makes everything easier if you don’t have too much to worry about when you arrive.

10. Have fun, you’ll only be in first year once (hopefully)

Have fun, you’ll only be in first year once (hopefully)
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Try and enjoy it, and don’t let nerves get in the way. You’ll only do this once so, make the most of it whilst you can. Edinburgh is packed with loads of great things to do so have fun!

Last Updated on June 13, 2024