Your bank balance can, and most likely will, take a big hit during your years at university. It’s inevitable. You may as well accept it now.

Luckily, student loans exist to help you pay for the essentials. However, this is not your only option. There are some methods you can put in place to make saving money a little easier.

Below are five tips to keep those pennies in your pocket:


If you haven’t already, get a part-time job. Edinburgh, like many other cities, is brimming with shops and businesses searching for staff. It might cut into your free time a little, but think of the benefits. You will get work experience. This could even help with your future career, if thought about wisely. Plus, employee discount wouldn’t hurt, right?



Even without a job, you can find discounts with a tap of a button. Or more likely, a swipe on your mobile screen. Hundreds of stores and restaurants offer money off for students. Saving ten percent on the shoes you’ve been drooling over may not seem like a lot, but it’ll add up eventually.



Your daily bus fare also eats away at your bank balance, so why not walk? From the Haymarket train station to the Merchiston campus, it is a 20 minute walk. Sure, it’ll take a bit to get used to, but don’t be put off by the uphill trek. And remember, not only will your bank account save some pounds, your body will lose a few, too.



The reading list for your course may appear daunting, but the university library is there for a reason. Make the most of the resources you have been given, especially when you’re living on a budget. If a book appears regularly in your studies, think about buying it second-hand. Some books will be available online for literal pennies, just be prepared to pay more on delivery.



Although students can study hard, there are a few who like to party harder. The nightlife in Edinburgh is just too tempting, right? Well, at least try to resist it. You could try to limit your nights out, so stay in every once and a while. It doesn’t have to be in the library, although you probably should be catching up on your course work. But maybe you could invite a few friends over for a movie night? With everyone chipping in, you can guarantee it will cost you next to nothing.