Let’s face it, online dating is hard work for students, and when you finally get to the point of meeting someone the last thing you want to do is mess up the date.

But fear not, because we’ve got all the tips to save you from disastrous dates and cringe-y chat.

1. Meet somewhere you’re comfortable

Where you meet on a date is so important, it either reflects your similar interests or is something new but don’t go somewhere that you’re super uncomfortable. If drinking isn’t your thing, then why not try somewhere like Lovecrumbs or Mary’s Milk Bar? Or if you’re looking for something with a bit of energy, why don’t you climb Arthur’s Seat (bonus, it’s free!) – just make sure you’re comfortable.

2. Try meet somewhere accessible

If they’re coming to Edinburgh from Glasgow, then don’t suggest Morningside or Sighthill (not that there’s anything there any way) or any other hard to reach destination. They’re making the effort so plan your date around their station stop. Brewhemia near Waverly Station is great for a chilled drink, or hit up Rose Street for some great food, just keep it simple.

3. Don’t go to HIVE

Not going to lie, a nightclub is never a good idea – you won’t remember half of the night! Just don’t do it, the majority of the time you have to be pretty drunk to even suggest it, and if that happens on your first date then maybe you’re not the most compatible and you should just stick to being friends.

4. Edinburgh or Glasgow, pick a city

If you’re comfortable going to Glasgow for a date, then go for it, but be aware that if you do swipe right for a Glasgow based guy or girl then some travel will be involved. There is no middle ground, it’s like No Man’s Land between the two cities so you’ll need to get pretty familiar with the trains.

5. Know who you’re looking for

Nothing is worse than not recognising your date, so make sure you know what they look like because walking up to the wrong person at The Three Sisters is mortifying! Sure, not everyone looks the exact same as their photos, but maybe don’t go for a drastic change in wardrobe or looks, or else you might end up on a date for one.

6. Don’t let uni rivalries get in the way

If you’re from Napier and on a date with someone from Herriot Watt, then try to forget the gross nicknames and have a good time. Your friends might think you’re a traitor to start off with, but they’ll get over it pretty quick.

7. Be prepared for anything

Let’s be honest, Scottish weather is unpredictable and so are tourists, which are two things you’ll be contending with if you’re planning a summer date in the Scottish capital this year. Firstly, the weather could change at any moment so maybe have a backup plan just in case. Also, tourists will be everywhere during the Fringe, so all major attractions are off limits and moving around the city will be a mare, but at least you’re on a date, right?

8. Find a common interest

Don’t agree to go on a date to the Surgeon’s Hall without making sure you can stomach it first, or go to Mary’s Milk Bar without realising that it’s a vintage ice cream parlour and you don’t like ice cream. Just know where you’re going before you agree to it, save yourself the humiliation!

9. Co-ordinate with your friends

Meeting the friends is a totally different point in a relationship so make sure you co-ordinate with your besties – if they’re doing a girls night out at the Candy Bar, then make sure you’re at Panda & Sons, or if the boys are out for pints at The Three Sisters make sure you’re at Biddy Mulligans. You just don’t want that kind of pressure on a first date.

10. Don’t recycle date ideas

This one is pretty important if you don’t want to massively mess up a date – don’t go somewhere that you’ve taken somewhere else before. Whether it was an unsuccessful Tinder date or an ex, don’t return to the scene of the crime! Knowing your luck, they will be there and ruin your night, or someone who knew about the previous dates will be there. Just don’t chance it, especially if they mean enough to you!