If you’re stuck for an idea for a first date, or just simply fancy a change of scene, then I completely recommend Hoot The Redeemer.

This cocktail bar has a completely relaxed environment and a quirky feel to it. Plus it won’t break the bank when your student loan comes in.

Located on Hannover street, this cocktail bar is quite different from your average. From alcoholic ice cream machines, to claw machines for mixing ingredients — this bar is just complete fun.

Now, let’s talk about the most important thing about any cocktail bar. The drinks.

Mystic Ball and Professor Funk


These two mixes are easy to drink and taste seriously good. The Mystic ball (left), is made from, midori, vodka, lemon and Absinthe. Served with a glass cherry and a slice of pineapple to finish. The Professor Funk (right), is made from, golden rum, prosseco, c and lemon.

Zoltar’s Wish


If sweet drinks aren’t your thing and you fancy something with a bit more strength to it, then this drink may be more suited to you. Made from Monkeys Shoulder whisky, cacao nib, lemon syrup and chocolate bitters. This drink is strong but really pleasant, however, your view on this drink may come down to whether you like whisky or not.

Reyken It Rain


This drink is easily the coolest out of all the drinks on the menu. When it is sat in front of you, it begins to turn a different colour. Made from vodka, elderflower glitter syrup, blue curacao, Malic, grapefruit bitters and egg white. (Don’t worry you don’t taste the raw egg, so don’t be scared off this drink).

The ice cream machine


The ice cream machine has a variety of flavours: from peachy bucky bru, to raspberry cosmo. There are flavours there to suit anyone’s taste.

The claw machine


The idea behind this machine is simple, play the game. Try to pick up two balls, each ball is a different flavour. Take it to the bar and the bar staff have to make a cocktail for you based on those two flavours. No drink is ever the same.