For Napier students who commute, the journey into university can be a nightmare. That is why Unifresher have compiled a list of the top ten things Napier students need to survive the morning commute. 

To deal with strangers, public transport, and the unpredictable weather, it takes a lot of patience. And this is without the added stress of delays.

But the morning commute, especially if there is a 9am lecture involved, is the worst. It’s rush hour for those heading into work, school, or university, like yourself. There’s no seats available on the train, not to mention the lack of standing room.

Also, don’t forget, there’s a good chance that you’re still half asleep. I usually am.

So, with that in mind, Unifresher decided to make the morning commute a little easier on you. Here’s a list of the top ten things Napier students need to survive the morning commute. 

A mobile phone

It’s unlikely that you leave the house without your phone, but you’ll definitely need it on your journey. This little device provides you with the time, an alarm system, and enough music to last the time travelling.

If you want to be extra prepared, and you have a Netflix account, why not download a few episodes of your favourite programme? I’d recommend “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” – I manage two episodes during an hour journey.

Earphones for your mobile phone

You know how irritating other passengers can be when they’re overly loud, so don’t be one of them. If you’re going to listen to music or watch a Netflix episode, plug in your earphones.

Trust me, it’ll save yourself some grief.

A portable charger

This is a lifesaver. You will feel incredibly grateful for your preparation, if you packed one. If not, then you deserve the pain of having no phone. There’s very little worse than a mobile which has died.

A cereal bar

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or so I’ve heard, so you probably should eat something before you start “learning”.

A reusable bottle

There are a variety of bottles out there, some of which resemble miniature flasks. This allows you to drink both hot and cold drinks, as well as helping the environment.

A book

No matter how far technology goes, it’ll never complete with the feeling of a book in your hands. This can be perfect if there are any delays in your journey, giving you the chance to get lost in another world.

Some university work

Let’s face it, you spend a decent amount of time travelling to and from your campus – you may as well make the most of it.

A jumper and/or jacket

Even if it isn’t raining when you leave home, it might be when you get to your campus. Plus, who would say no to a little extra padding for your head when you go for a snooze against the window?

Some extra cash

You can never be too safe, right?

A travel card

All students need to save some money. If you’re travelling to and from university, then getting a travel card is a good investment.

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