At times, university can feel like a game of checks and balances.

A week often consists of 9am lectures, half-hearted note-taking and, let’s be honest, just winging our way through each tutorial. A night out can balance the stress. Yet, come morning, you meet the headaches and a bank balance nearly as dry as your throat.

However, if you were sensible and didn’t go out on a school night or a long shift at work looming over you (am I being too optimistic?), you might have some time to explore Edinburgh and work off the hangover. Here are some hangover retreat ideas — all close to Edinburgh Napier!

Troy Cafe Bistro

With all-day breakfast with huge portion sizes, there’s no need to rush out of bed for fry-up cure. If not breakfast – they offer an amazing selection at their lunch buffet.

Source: Troy Cafe Bistro Facebook

Chapter One Coffee Shop

A quaint little coffee shop found on Dalry Road can be enjoyed away from the rush of town. So relax and drink something that won’t wreck your body (drinking three cups a day can apparently extend your life if you hadn’t heard).

Chapter One Coffee Shop
Source: Chapter One Coffee Shop Facebook

Black Medicine Coffee Co.

Another coffee shop, but a true gem. Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and the expertly crafted coffee. A great place to relax and maybe get some studying finished that you’ve been putting off. You’ll find this one just by the Bruntsfield Links — close to the Merchiston campus!

Black Medicine Coffee Co.
Source: Black Medicine Coffee Co. Instagram

Mary’s Milk Bar

It may seem like your average ice cream parlour. But you’ll be surprised to find Mary’s Milk Bar sells some of the most incredible and varied ice cream flavours you’ll ever come across. The freshly made ice cream will surely cleanse your rather noxious palate from the night before. And you’ll be able to indulge yourself with an excellent view of the castle.

Mary's Milk Bar
Source: Mary’s Milk Bar Facebook

The Black Bull

Hair of the dog and all. Located just across the road from Mary’s Milk Bar, enjoy a pint in the cosy atmosphere. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to relish in the live music they often play throughout the week.

The Black Bull
Source: The Black Bull Facebook