Looking to spruce up your uni room, wardrobe, or just need a break from endless studying in Edinburgh?

Dive into these quirky, wallet-friendly spots that give a solid nod to both the city’s rich history and your Instagram vibe.

There are so many interesting shops in Edinburgh to explore, but here’s out round-up of some of our faves.

interesting shops in edinburgh armstrong vintage
Source: Armstrongs Vintage Edinburgh Instagram @armstrongs_vintage_edinburgh

1. W. Armstrong & Son Vintage Emporium

Got a love for vintage clothing? Retro jackets? Armstrongs, in the Old Town, is your go-to. Find outfits for themed uni parties or just snag that one-of-a-kind piece that’ll have everyone asking, “Where’d you get that?”

There’s a huge range to choose from, just try not to blow your loan in one go, eh?

Address: 29 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh EH1 1BN

interesting shops in edinburgh mr woods
Source: Mr Wood’s Fossils Instagram @mrwoodsfossils

2. Mr Wood’s Fossils

Looking for a convo-starter for your uni room? At Mr Wood’s Fossils, pick up some ancient fossils, cool gemstones or even treat yourself to some unique jewellery. You’re certainly not going to find their offerings anywhere else.

Address: 5 Cowgatehead, Edinburgh EH1 1JY

interesting shops in edinburgh golden hare books
Source: Golden Hare Books Instagram @goldenharebooks

3. Golden Hare Books

Ditch the e-books for a bit. Golden Hare in Stockbridge is the perfect hideaway from coursework. Dive into indie novels, graphic novels, or just enjoy that classic book smell. Plus, their events are a great spot to meet fellow bookworms.

If you can’t get there right away, you can also browse their online store and check out bookseller favourites, sign up to a reading subscription and much more.

Address: 68 St Stephen St, Edinburgh EH3 5AQ

interesting shops in edinburgh red door gallery
Source: The Red Door Gallery Instagram @reddoor_gallery

4. The Red Door Gallery

Want to personalise your uni space? Swing by The Red Door Gallery on Victoria Street. Grab unique prints, crafts, and jewellery by local artists. Every piece tells a story, just like those Instagram pics, but IRL.

Address: 42 Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2JW

pieute scotland interesting shops edinburgh
Source: Pieute Instagram @pieute

5. Pieute

Want some truly Edinburgh-centric gear? Pieute, a local independent brand, creates some rad designs inspired by the city. Think unique tees, hats, and other merch that shout ‘local pride’. Perfect for showing off your love for Edinburgh, or for gifting to friends back home.

Address: 19 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh EH1 2QG

interesting shops in edinburgh the cat's miaou
Source: The Cat’s Miaou Facebook @thecatsmiaouedinburgh

6. The Cat’s Miaou

Need quirky gifts or just want to treat yo’ self? Head to The Cat’s Miaou. This independent gift shop is perfect for spicing up drab uni rooms or finding that one-of-a-kind, funky gift for a mate’s birthday.

The Cat’s Miaou has plenty of handcrafted items you won’t find on the high street, taking your ordinary shopping in Edinburgh to the next level.

Address: 36 Elm Row, Edinburgh EH7 4AH

interesting shops in edinburgh civerinos official
Source: Civerinos Instagram @civerinos_official

7. Civerinos

Okay, it’s not a shop as such, but hear me out. After a shopping spree or a long study session, who doesn’t crave a slice of epic pizza? Located just a stone’s throw from the Royal Mile, Civerinos is your go-to for a chilled vibe and some of the best pizza in Edinburgh.

It’s not just about the food; with its communal tables and street art vibe, it’s a hub for students. Grab your mates, split a pie, and unwind!

Address: Multiple locations

interesting shops in edinburgh totty rocks vintage
Source: Totty Rocks Facebook @tottyrocks

8. Totty Rocks

Want to rock that urban Scottish look? You’re gonna want to check out Totty Rocks. Their in-house designs are perfect for turning heads on campus or at that next uni event.

Address: 45-47 Barclay Pl, Edinburgh, EH10 4HW

royal mile whiskies interesting shops in edinburgh
Source: Royal Mile Whiskies Instagram @royalmilewhiskies

9. Royal Mile Whiskies

Celebrating a birthday? Or simply looking for a fun way to explore Edinburgh with your mates? Then it’s time to discover Scotland’s Royal Mile Whiskies. Learn the difference between a smoky Islay and a light Speyside. And hey, Royal Mile Whiskies’ tastings can also be a great group outing – as long as you don’t have an afternoon lecture to get back for.

Address: 379 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1PW

There you have it—Some of the most interesting shops in Edinburgh that merge the city’s historic charm with just enough student flair. Whether you’re shopping, exploring, or just looking for inspiration, these places are worth your time. Don’t just take my word for it, go check ’em out.

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