We all know how easy it is to drink cheaply in Leeds, but what about eating on a tight budget?

Going out for dinner with friends doesn’t have to mean taking out a small loan to enjoy yourself. There are plenty of places around the city where you can eat like royalty on a pauper’s budget.

Check out Unifresher’s favourite dining spots here.

1. Feast your eyes on these pies


Feast your eyes on these pies
Source: Pieminister Instagram

What? A classic pie and one side.
Where? Pieminister.
How much? £7.50.

This pie in the sky idea became a reality when two Nottingham graduates bought the old Printworks in Bristol in 2003. The guys have had plenty of time to perfect their pastries and the four of Great Taste Gold awards shows they certainly have perfected their trade. They now have 12 restaurants and cafes across the UK, including one in Leeds. They have a range of fillings including, cheese, venison and of course chicken and beef, so there is plenty of choice for everyone.

2. Get well versed in Vietnamese food


What? Pho.
Where? Nom Deli.
How much? £5.95.

In the city centre, among an abundance of coffee shops, and chain eateries is Nom. This eatery offers something slightly lighter than your average Far Eastern restaurant. Their dishes are healthy for both the stomach and the wallet. Choose from pho and rice dishes, or if you fancy something a bit smaller they also offer Vietnamese style baguettes or cuon, which are summer rolls with carrot, pickles, lettuce and served with a sauce.

3. Meat free munchies


Meat free munchies
Source: Roots and Fruits Leeds Instagram

What? A whole bowl. Where? Roots And Fruits. How much? £7.45.

Fancy making the world a better place while satisfying your hunger? Roots and Fruits offers a number of dishes for you to get your fill. From breakfasts to nutritious lunches and dinners and sweet treats for after, this place has plenty of options. They also offer a special main meal every week using fresh seasonal ingredients.

4. Moorish Middle Eastern grub


Moorish Middle Eastern grub
Source: Cafe Moor Facebook

What? Falafel or chicken shawarma meal.
Where? Cafe Moor. How much? £5.50.

This place blends Middle Eastern and North African cuisine together flawlessly — at a pretty decent price too! The street food market place offers up an abundance of dishes for you to sample. It’s so cheap you can have a starter and a main and walk away with change for the bus home!

5. No nonsense nachos


No nonsense nachos
Source: Neon Cactus Instagram

What? Nachos. Where? Neon Catcus. How much? £6.75 and £1.95 per extra topping.

Tacos, fajitas and nachos, this place has all your favourite Mexican dishes under one roof — all of which are very reasonably priced too. If you can spare a little more than a tenner they also have an extensive cocktail menu for you to try.

6. Tasty Thai food


Tasty Thai food
Source: Thai Aroy Dee Instagram

What? Choose from a selection of meat and vegetarian main courses. Where? Thai Aroy Dee. How much? £6.95 for a chicken, pork or beef main, £7.95 for a lamb, duck or prawn main and £6.50 for a vegetable or tofu main.

With an abundance of Thai restaurants in Leeds, it can be confusing on which is the tastiest. Not only is this eatery one rated as one of the top 20 Thai spots in Leeds, but their prices cannot be beaten. Their menu offers a selection of main meals which vary in price depending on the meat you choose, all of which are under a tenner. They also offer two courses for £6.95 every day from 12pm to 5pm.

7. A whole lot of hummus


A whole lot of hummus
Source: Humpit Hummus Instagram

What? A hummus bowl, loaded pita or salad bowl.
Where? Humpit. How much? £4.50.

If you’re looking for somewhere to graze rather than having to labour your way through a whole meal Humpit it the answer. If the thought of a giant bowl of hummus with toppings and pita bread for you to scrape up all the hummusy goodness with pushes your buttons, you will be on cloud nine here.

8. Perfectly round pizza


Perfectly round pizza
Source: Pizza Fella Instagram

What? Any pizza. Where? Pizza Fella. How much? From £6 to £10.

This place only deals with small numbers as you only need three orgasm-inducing words to describe this place — wood fired pizza and they only use four ingredients to create their pizzas. Prices also hang below double figures, with the exception of one dish. So for that reason, I give you two words — why not?

9. Burgers with a twist

Burgers with a twist
Source: Caravanserai Facebook

What? Moorish burger.
Where? Caravanserai.
How much? £4.50.

Like many traditional north African eateries, this Moroccan street food joint has a variety of cold and hot mezze but they also offer burgers with a cultural twist. The Moorish Burger consists of minced beef and lamb meat mixed in Middle Eastern spices with onion and garlic served in a brioche bun with melted Brie. The Mergues burger is the same but it is mixed in north African spices. The flavours of the spices and the mixture of lamb and beef mince gives these burgers a refreshing edge.

10. Delicious dogs

Delicious dogs
Source: Primo’s Dogs Instagram

What? A classic hot dog of your choice, fries and a drink.
Where? Primo’s Gormet Hot Dogs.
How much? £6.95.

When you think of hot dogs you imagine a family barbecue, with roughly cut buns and cheap ketchup and mustard on the table next to the grill. Well these guys have taken that sausage stigma and reinvented the hot dog. The eatery offers eight different classic hot dogs and seven different super dogs for you to choose from as well as sandwiches, burgers and sides.

11. Go batty for these melt in the mouth patties


Go batty for these melt in the mouth patties
Source: Patty’s Burgers Instagram

What? A Colonel patty and Stokely Webster’s Incredible Chips. Where? Patty Smith’s Burgers. How much? £8.95.

If you’re in the mood for your teeth to sink into and irresistibly juicy burger filled with sauces, topping and meaty goodness this is the place for you. Their Instagram-ready buns are enough to get anyone’s stomach rumbling.