Studying at Leeds is great, and there are certain elements that are unique to the northern city and to the students that study there. This is the A-Z guide to life at Leeds, which will help you settle in to life at uni here.



Renowned for being the best fast food after a night out, Crispy’s is a must at three in the morning after a heavy sesh.

The Edge

The Edge is the massive sports centre where you can go rock climbing, swimming and play many different sports and games. On a less exciting note, it’s also where most people have to sit their exams.

Fruity Friday

The Leeds classic Friday night out at the union, it’s renowned for its cheesy pop and the drunken mistakes made there.

The Hyde Park Picture House

Located in Hyde Park, it’s the only remaining gas-lit cinema in the UK. It shows a range of films, from new releases to small independent films.

Kirkgate Market

One of the largest indoor markets in Europe, you can find practically anything there if you’re willing to look for long enough. There’s a wide range of nationalities, and there’s always something new to discover.

Laidlaw Library

One of the more modern libraries on campus, it’s often easier to find books but you’ll never find a spare seat. It has a coffee shop inside and even a rooftop garden with beehives.

Michael Sadler


One of the largest buildings to have seminars and lectures in, you’ll probably have at least one class in there. It’s quite pretty, certainly more so than Roger Stevens.

Old Bar

The union’s pub, it’s central on campus and is the perfect place to go to relax after exams. They have a renowned pub quiz on Thursdays.

Parkinson Building


The characteristic feature in most Leeds photos, the Parkinson building is a popular spot for several reasons. Not only is it beautiful, but the Brotherton library resides inside – the largest, oldest (and best) library on campus.


Next to the students’ union, the Refectory is where the catered students eat and is also used for larger events like graduation celebrations.


Thee Oh Sees

A large nightclub in the basement of the University Union and a stage for live music, it’s also the location for Fruity Friday.

Trinity Leeds


A large shopping centre, it’s a popular place to visit. There’s more than forty coffee shops, bars and restaurants including The Alchemist, The Botanist and Angelica’s. Inside, Trinity Kitchen has a global range of restaurants, which obviously has a large variety.

The (students’) union

The students’ union is not only central on campus, but has practically everything in it. From live music, a variety of clubs and socials, and the location for Old Bar, the Balcony, Stylus and The Gryphon Office, it’s a place you’ll often visit.


If you’ve heard of the rivalry between the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett, tensions erupt at Varsity. It’s one of the main events of the year and can’t be missed. Alongside sports, there’s also drunken revelry and chanting, and often streaking on the field by particularly excited fans.



The university student must-have, there are many Wetherspoons dotted around the city centre, and luckily the closest one to campus is the largest.