When you need a pizza, you have to forget about those frozen meals you stick in the oven for 15 minutes.

That’s because Leeds is cram-packed with wonderful pizzerias that will satisfy your doughy, tomatoey, cheesy longings.

So if you’ve taken advantage of one too many student nights in Leeds and need a za, check out our favourite pizzas in Leeds…

The homemade pizza

The homemade pizza
Source: Il Fornosa Instagram

Where? il Forno, Town Street, Horsforth

How much? A margherita is £8.30

The Italians are well-known for combining delicious, hearty food with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Il Forno in Horsforth pushes this to the limit. The incredible restaurant serves unbelievable food in a relaxed and welcoming environment. It’s well worth getting out of Hyde Park and Headingley for the experience.

The affordable pizza


The affordable pizza
Source: Culto Italian Instagram

Where? Culto, Stainbeck Road

How much? A margherita is £5.95

When you’re a student, money is always in the back of your mind. Culto offers authentic Italian food at a very reasonable price. £5.95 for a margherita? It’s barely worth thinking about. And if you don’t fancy making the trip, they deliver to most postcodes in Leeds.

The full package pizza

The full package pizza
Source: Tapped Leeds Instagram

Where? Tapped Brew Co., Boar Lane

How much? A margherita starts at £3.50

27 draft beers, 13 cask ales. That should be enough to tempt you to Tapped Brew Co., who not only specialise in great drinks, but cook a pretty mean pizza as well. Food is served from 12pm to 10pm so get yourself down to try out some of their best meals including the Lionel Richie-inspired ‘Hello, is it meat your looking for?’

The traditional pizza

The traditional pizza
Source: Livin Italy Instagram

Where? LIVIN’ Italy, Arch Z Granary Wharf

How much? A margherita is £7.50

Unsurprisingly for a place named Livin’ Italy, you’ll find yourself some great, classic Italian fare. There’s a few pizzas to choose from but if you’re part of a fussy group (let’s be honest, who doesn’t like pizza) then there is loads on offer. Pick from antipasti, street food italiano or perhaps some Italian wine for an authentic Italian night.

The gluten-free option

The gluten-free option
Source: Ecco_Pizzeria Instagram

Where? Ecco Pizzeria, Otley Road

How much? A margherita is £8.95 for a 12inch

Now not everyone can eat traditional pizzas. So sometimes you have to cater for gluten-free options. That’s where Ecco Pizzeria on Otley Road comes into play. All of their pizzas can be made gluten-free (although only at the 12inch size) plus all pizzas can be made with vegan mozzerella. It’s the perfect place to eat for people with dietry requirements.

Pizza with a twist

Where? Buca di Pizza

Yes, Buca di Pizza has all your classics (margherita, pepperoni etc) but sometimes you just want something a little different. Buca (which has restaurants in Leeds, Chapel Allerton and Manchester) claims to offer it. The menu certainly seems to back that up with meal names including el bastardo and chili con canivoro. Honestly, you just need to give it a shot.

Can you think of a great pizzeria we have missed out? If so, email sarah@unifresher.co.uk with your suggestions.

Last Updated on June 24, 2024