Once university has finished, our career becomes our main priority. Ultimately, there won’t be much time to discover or try something new (it’s the sad reality, I know.) To make the most out of the time you have before graduation, we have collected the top 10 things you can do in Leeds.

1. Get Lost in the Woods

Location: Gledhow Valley Road, Leeds, LS17 6LR

things to do in leeds
Source: Run Leeds

Walking along a path in the woods is nice, sure. But what’s fun is going off the path and exploring the hidden gems within Gledhow Valley Woods. Grab the Gledhow map and a camera and see what you and you’re friends can find.

2. Spend a whole night at Edward Boyle Library

Location: University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT

things to do in leeds
Source: University of Leeds

Okay, it is a bit of exaggeration (not to mention irresponsible), but have you really made the most out of university life if you haven’t spent longer than usual in Edward Boyle Library (or any library for that matter!). No, we don’t mean spending time revising because that would be boring. Try exploring the different areas, have a read of something that isn’t academic or even playing a super quiet game of hide and seek.

3. A Leeds Varsity Date

Location: Woodhouse, Leeds LS2 9JT

things to do in leeds
Source: Talking Rugby Union

Absolutely everyone and anyone from Leeds will tell you that Leeds Beckett University and the University of Leeds are arch enemies. For those who like competitions or just want to route for their university, then Leeds Varsity is the place for you. It is the greatest sports competition of the year and hosts events throughout the year. It finishes with one final sporting day in October, which hosts over 60 fixtures across a whooping 25 different sports!

4. Re-write the Stars at the Grand Theatre

Location: 46 New Briggate, Leeds LS1 6NU

things to do in leeds
Source: YEP

Furthermore, before graduating, why not watch a live show at the Leeds Grand Theatre. They have a wide variety of shows available such as Ballet, West End Musicals and even drama shows.

5. Go Ape

Location: Temple Newsam Road, Leeds, LS15 0AD

things to do in leeds
Source: Muddy Stilletos

You didn’t live your university life up to its true potential if you and your friends didn’t try out Go Ape. Go Ape includes a variety of high rope challenges for you to have a go at. Muster up your courage and enjoy tree-to-tree zips and the free-falling plummet in the Tarzan swings.

6. Try to Escape!

Location: 164 Armley Road, Leeds, LS12 2TY

things to do in leeds
Source: Welcome to Yorkshire

Another great thing to try out before you graduate is Escape. You and you’re friends are trapped in a room and have 60 minutes to try to solve the puzzles and ultimately escape! Escape at Leeds has a handful of games you can choose from, such as Jungala (being transported into a different realm), Apocalypse (a series of cannibalistic homicides has accorded, and you have to uncover the truth) and Down the Rabbit Hole.

7. The Otley Run

If you don’t attend the legendary Otley Run every year before graduation, it may be a good idea to consider starting university from scratch. The Otley Run is an event where you and you’re friends follow a 1.5-mile route, stopping at 16 pubs where you have at least one drink at each. You can dress up, explore Leeds along the way and have the perfect excuse to have more than one drink.

8. Attend a Leeds Festival

things to do in leeds
Source: Ticket Arena

Technically speaking, the Leeds Festival is one of the oldest yet popular music festivals to ever take place. The first festival was celebrated at the opening of Leeds Town Hall by Queen Victoria on the 7th of September in 1858. Strictly speaking, it doesn’t match up to what the festival is today but is definitely something you should go to before graduation. The festival is attended by different pop legends such as Post Malone and Kendrick Lamar who you can dance and sing along to.

9. Have a private pool party

Location: 414 Broad Ln, Bramley, Leeds LS13 3DF

Let’s face it. Going out for drinks and getting drunk gets boring after the first year of University. One thing absolutely everyone has to do before Graduation is to throw a pool party. Whether it’s for a birthday, passing an exam or even for Christmas, what better way to celebrate than diving and splashing about in a pool.

10. Sail Away!

Location: Cemetery Road Leeds LS19 7UR

things to do in leeds
Source: YEP

Gliding across the water at Leeds Sailing and Activity Centre is a must before graduation. The centre offers a wide range of water-based activities from Open Canoeing, Improvised Rafting, Kayaking and Windsurfing. Not only is it super fun, but it’s also the perfect thing to do on a day out with your friends!