Student societies are the best place to meet new people who share the same interests and make a bunch of new friends. There’s many in the university’s throughout t Leeds as shown here. However, as newbies, we feel like we must join the “best” one and the one most related to our degree. What universities don’t often tell you is that you can join more than one student soc and it doesn’t have to be related to your degree at all. It’s always best to do some research of your own and join one which you will have fun at.

Skimming through essential reading is okay

things uni doesnt tell you
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As students, we’ve all been in the position where our lecturer has given a 583 book to go through as “essential reading” that must be completed at the end of the week. This could be more or less, depending on what university you go to in Leeds or what course you do. What the Universities don’t tell you is that only a fraction of this will be on your actual exam and that you can skim read and make notes. This is completely okay, and don’t feel pressured to know it all word for word.

The Study Locations

things unis wont tell you
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The Universities in Leeds only tells us that the library and our dorm rooms are the best places to study. What they don’t tell you is that there are many locations around Leeds that perfect for studying either by yourself or with your study group. Examples of this are Cafe Nero at Wellington Place, Mrs Atha’s Cafe and even Cafes in the Corn Exchange.

How to Manage Your Student Loan

things uni wont tell you
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Universities don’t give many tips on how to manage your student loan and make it last. So when you only have £1.79 left in your bank account, you are left wondering, “Where the hell did it go?” “What did I spend it on?”  and most importantly “What can I do to stop this from happening again?” Look into investing in a budget planner where you can track and acknowledge spending habits, cheaper alternatives around Leeds (such as Aldi and Lidl) and even look at shopping at places where you can get discounts. Other ideas on how to manage and to make student loan last can be found here.

Be Prepared for the Freshers Flu

things uni wont tell you
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Universities tend to go above and beyond telling us what’s on offer for freshers week. But what they are guilty of not warning us about is the Freshers Flu. Symptoms of this include having a sore throat, severe headaches and extreme tiredness. This can often come from consuming too much alcohol, late-night partying and poor diets, as well as meeting so many people in such a short time. If the university won’t tell you, we will. Stay safe during freshers week, kids, but have fun.

Please don’t overpack for your accommodation

things uni wont tell you
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Universities only send us pamphlets on what our rooms look like and how to prepare. What they don’t tell us is how to pack and what to bring. So we end up confused and end up overpacking. Don’t overpack as everything you feel like you’ll need can be found in many shops in and around Leeds. Or, if you want to know what to take, here are some of our suggestions.